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  1. Can anyone please give me some advice? I have searched all throught the forums and have tried everything I can find including reducing the MD5 hash length per a post I saw where someone was having the exact same problem as me. I see others having the same problem but no fix or even replies after their posts. I have been trying for weeks to get this working correctly and am at my wit's end. Please someone help me out... THank you in advance. Oh yeah, the other weird thing is I do not see the cvvhelp anywhere on the checkout page and in vger contribution I also do not have all of the same settings available in my payments authnet aim module on the admin site. Is there a version that I am missing or something? HELP!! :)
  2. Hello everyone, I have installed the latest module for authnet aim and am having an issue. It tells me on the website that there was an error processing my card but it has processed correctly on authnet end. not sure what the issue is here. My relays are both../checkout_process.php like it said to do so i am at a loss as to why the card is being approved but the site does not see so. Thanks for any input. Email receipts are being sent out by the way. Troy
  3. There has been an error processing your credit card Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. This is the error I keep getting using Authorizenet AIM The card actually gets processed but I keep getting this message. Can anyone please help me? Troy