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  1. UltraPics v1.0 - Addition Image Pack! MS2 ========================================= This is the complete image solution for everyone using osCommerce MS2. Get it HERE: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1642 This allows adding of 8 more images to your Admin and Catalog, basically a combination of SM,MED,LARGE+ and MoPICs+ with Lots of Nice Enhancements! like, * Add & Remove Additional Images via Admin Easy! * (To POPUP! or NOT TO POPUP!) Have Pop up Windows or NOT! * Image Preview when editing Products. * Addition Images On and Off options in admin. * Resize Option for specific images settings. * Delete images permantly of server if not longer used. (Delete Disabled if more then 1 product Links to Image.) * Nice clean look, tidy code. * 3 Screen Shots Included in ZIP file. (See for your-self before installing!) This package has been assembled on a New MS2 osCommerce Store (Nice Copy Paste Soloution for Lazy PPL with MS2). I dont have the time or patients to write up a step-by-step guide atm ( perhaps later ). Easiest way to install is basically - ======================================== MAKE A BACK OF THESE FILES: admin/categories.php admin/includes/languages/(Your-Language)/categories.php catalog/product_info.php catalog/popup_image.php Copy the one's from the contribution overthem, add the new file/s catalog/includes/modules/additional_images.php run the SQL script into your database with PHPMyAdmin or other DB Manager... Thats it!................................................................ If you have already modified some othe above pages I sugest you use code compare software to cut snippets, I have marked all my work with: BOF MaxiDVD: and EOF MaxiDVD: Back up your admin/categories.php file first!! MaxiDVD :~)
  2. Download The HTML Editor + UltraPICs Combined Contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1689 Version 1.1 will be uploaded shortly. (This is the prefered version) Optional: Use's NETPBM for image manipulation and resizing/resampling when uploading product images. download: http://www.nieloimage.com/download/ MaxiDVD
  3. What is HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Product Descriptions ? htmlArea is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor replacement for <textarea> - PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS and CATEGORIES DESCRIPTIONS fields in osCommerce. By adding a few simple lines of JavaScript to your categories.php and a MySQL database script via PHPMyAdmin, you can administer and replace the regular textarea description field [Multi-Lingual] with a rich text html editor that lets you do the following: Insert hyperlinks and images. Format text to be bold, italicized, or underlined. Change the face, size, style and colour. align Left, centre, or right-justify paragraphs. Make bulleted or numbered lists. Indent or un-indent paragraphs. Linked Multi-lingual language translator. Insert a horizontal line. HTML is automatically inserted into your fields (no copying or pasting) this HTML editor actually replaces your old description fields. View the raw HTML source of what your editing. and much more... If you want to see a live demo of this WYSIWYG Editor, http://www.interactivetools.com/products/h...index.html#demo This version is a smaller and more compact unit modified to suit osCommerce categories and description fields, with the extra ability to support multiple languages and changes to the size, colours, layout ect via your store /admin/ NOTE: Theres is a readme.htm file in the "htmlarea" folder, but as this contibution was based on external software (not originally designed for osCommerce)I have had to make some modifications to the code for it to work with osCommerce MS1 2.2 so the readme.htm thats in that folder does not necessarily apply to this contribution, but it makes for a good educating read if you have never used a WYSIWYG HTML EDITOR --> once this is installed you should get the hang of things quiet easy. this is very expanadable in the sense you can add you own functions and buttons, This wisywig html editor has the lot! -> it lacks nothing! Installed on OsCommerce MS1 2.2 1. System Requirements ---------------------------------------------------- - Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows or above I will add a direct link to the contibution download shortly after submitting this post. Any questions will be answered in this forum. Cheers Lee
  4. MaxiDVD

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi Guys, Nice Contrib A+++ Can you manually add the PDF Invoice to the email upon updating the order in the admin rather than have it automatically attach itself to every order in the check-out ... ? I just don't see the point in sending a PDF Invoice to every customer in the checkout process - as my clients store also accepts payments in the form of Bank Transfer and Checks - and basically lets face it some people don't follow through with the purchase and never send the money - so why should they receive an invoice too... ? I think an admin based manual attachment alternative might work nicely - like a tick box in the "admin order edit / order update area" similar to the two that already exist: Notify Customer: tick:: Append Comments: tick:: and a new one like: Attach PDF INVOICE to Notify Email: tick:: this way only customers who have fully paid and been approved for shipment will receive a invoice by email attachment once the admin updates the status of the order to "Dispatched". Thnx.
  5. MaxiDVD

    eway for OSCOMMERCE? (in Australia)

    Actaully here is a better one; built by eWay: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6014
  6. MaxiDVD

    eway for OSCOMMERCE? (in Australia)

    Check out the Eway contribution see here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,875/page,9
  7. 1. Have you installed the Database SQL file? ULTIMATE_ADDITIONAL_IMAGES may not be defined. I originally developed this contribution a few years ago now for osCommerce MS2 and osCommerce has come along way since then and its now upto v2.2 RC 2a I dont really have the time to go over the new store's coding format, I believe the contrib is being maintained by other contributors now - it may be worth contacting them for support and see if anything has changed. Lee
  8. You need to add "Page Heading Title" Contibution, download it and follow the instructions some code and line numbers will be different.. A good source comparison program like "Beyond Compare" will help making the changes.. Lee
  9. K-P and Mirch, Take a quick look at this page, might be the answer your after, bottom 4 posts. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=73375&st=40 veruus Have fun, I have installed Dynamic mopics with the contrib before, possible but some changes are required, as for EP its not really a problem - I have added a modded EP to this contrib. Your using the OSCdox -MAX loaded version or something. Alternatively - there is another loaded oscommerce version CRE Loaded OSC 6.0 <-- has the above installed already. Whats installed?: http://creloaded.com/modules.php?name=Cont...=showpage&pid=1 DEMO here: (goto edit a product in admin to test.) http://creloaded.com/modules.php?name=Cont...=showpage&pid=2 Download here: http://creloaded.com/modules.php?name=Down...1#categorystart Cheers Lee
  10. Thanks talon177, any probs or suggestions just post them up here. Lee
  11. Hi leorulz, admin/includes/classes/upload.php around line, 79-88 find this code: } else { if ($this->message_location == 'direct') { $messageStack->add(WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED, 'warning'); } else { $messageStack->add_session(WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED, 'warning'); } return false; } } Replace with: /* } else { if ($this->message_location == 'direct') { $messageStack->add(WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED, 'warning'); } else { $messageStack->add_session(WARNING_NO_FILE_UPLOADED, 'warning'); } return false; */ } } Untested but should work. Cheers Lee
  12. Easy Populate Ultra-Addon This is a moddified Easy Populate suited for Ultra Pics - untested so please let me know if its not working. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1642 Cheers Lee
  13. Easy Populate Ultra-Addon This is a moddified Easy Populate suited for Ultra Pics - untested so please let me know if its not working. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1642 Cheers Lee
  14. This can be changed in: admin/htmlarea/popups/config.inc.php, about line 19-21 define("IMAGE_DIR", trim(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)); define("IMAGE_URL", trim(DIR_WS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_IMAGES)); //define("IMAGE_DIR", trim("/home/httpd/vhosts/ebay.com/httpdocs/catalog/images/")); //define("IMAGE_URL", trim("/catalog/images/")); Comment out // the two top defines and uncomment the bottom two defines then manually add your server paths to the two bottom defines. Should be right if you type in the defines right. Cheers Lee.
  15. These are the additional image entries you will need to add to EP, just add them by following suit in the the EP code everywhere "image or p.image" appears (except the froogle part) products_image_med products_image_lrg products_image_sm_1 products_image_xl_1 products_image_sm_2 products_image_xl_2 products_image_sm_3 products_image_xl_3 products_image_sm_4 products_image_xl_4 products_image_sm_5 products_image_xl_5 products_image_sm_6 should be fairly straight foward is you follow suit, perhaps you can add your modded EP file to the EP contribution if you manage to get it working. Cheers Lee
  16. best thing to do is use EP - look for the entries image and p.image and add all the new image fields directly after them. Lee
  17. tommy916, Sorry to drag the chain, but this has been updated now: hotnuts21, Try that on your form. Lee
  18. jeffjb Connect to your website with your FTP client or File manger goto: catalog/includes/languages/(your-language)/mainpage.php Change the permission by CHMOD (ftp program) to 777 or wrxwrxwrx yes the error will also cause default.php to look wrong. Lee
  19. hotnuts21 Will fix this in a minute, I dunno about these hackers nothing better to do then stuff around. NETPM is not needed for upload, You can use that one, or the one from Gallery project at sourceforge, I've got the WYSIWYG HTMLArea MS2 v1.7 contrib installed, the text areas seems ok, but I'm a bit unsure about the image upload, I had to tweak it so that the oscImageRoot automatically uses SSL if the admin is in a secure area, however this still didn't prevent the warning about insecure items being loaded, anyway, I'm using I.E. 6.0 but when clicking on an image or directory, I keep getting an Access Denied script error: (MUST pass 'suEXEC'security control on *nix Apache servers; usually a "CGI-BIN" directory will work) Gregory Baboolal There is a work-around for SSL mention in the other HTMLArea Forum here in oscommerce sunnyboy you error may be caused by information_manager.php editor_generate('file_contents',config); should read: editor_generate('description',config); try that, mine information_manager uses "description" rather than "file_contents" mrx2 I dont know what.. cause sm,med and large images not to function correctly I dont have that problem with mine..
  20. Yes here it is. /admin/information_manager.php /admin/information_form.php Thats is, there is only one part of code that I added to each page.. similar rules apply when adding HTMLArea to other contribs.. Cheers Lee
  21. Yeah too many!, firstly make sure its been turned on in the admin->configuration->htmlarea ect controls panel.. product descriptions html area=enable try doing a "view - source" (IE) on a product editing page, and make sure the MaxiDVD HTMLArea code can be seen between the <head> </head> tags and also check for more MaxiDVD HTMLArea code can be seen below the last </form> tag in the source. if you cant see two sections of MaxiDVD HTMLArea code (top of view source and towards bottom) you will need to check the code on categories.php against the database. Lee.
  22. Gab, Thanks for pointing this out (will fix b4 next upload): No I never added it, just set-up admin ready as most ppl do add it later-on Information Pages Unlimited v1.0 http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1026 mrx2 Check that your image directory is CHMOD 777 so the script can access the image and delete them. azer Will add screen shot into the next update.
  23. ozcsys No the admin side isnt permission related, it is something to do with the session_start(): (this error is not in sessions.php or general.php - unless you modified them) Its has to do with "a file" you have modified somewhere, my suggestion would be to back track and unistall the HTMLArea from admin side by reading the instructions backwards and continually save each step and check the admin section online as you go - this should isolate the problem to a smaller managable area.. sorry im not real good with session errors. Cheers MaxiDVD
  24. ozcsys the 1st error above indicates the file is not there.. and with FTp or file manage CHMOD it to 777 so the script can read and write to the file. This would be correct: make sure that you uploaded (mainpage.php) that file into includes/languages/english/mainpage.php The second error you have in your admin suggest to me that your are not using a MS2 release of osCommerce or there is a clash between another contribution and the HTMLarea contrib?. Cheers MaxiDVD
  25. Jack_mcs Are you using Internet Explore 5.5 or above, I dont know why it does that on yours. cleopas The best alternative for you is to Disable the HTMLArea on the emails, write the email in some html editor "frontpage ect." paste the new HTML content directly into the email box.. and in the admin of oscommerce: admin -> configuration -> email options -> Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails = true, Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails Send e-mails in HTML format you will need to turn that true when you send HTML email via the standard osCommerce email, then set it back to false when finished sendind email - because customer purchase email/invioce links wont work with it set to true. its a work around.. I will look into it more when I get a spare minute.