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  1. Hello Sam, Sorry for confusion, i checked clearly and copied the product_listing.php only and it worked. Thanks for your great contribution. It really worked very well for me. -- Thanks. Kart
  2. Hello Sam, I installed the V1.2 last day and now i have to install V1.2a as it is messing the page view if no products were selected. Do i need to check follow again all the steps in V1.2a or is there any specific step to install ? -- Thanks in Advance. Kart.
  3. Hello Sam, I have installed this latest V2 and it worked really great. So far so good. Please advice if anything you know the other information about my website page loading..it is taking still much time after followed your early message. -- Thanks. Kart
  4. Hello Sam, Sorry for that. I am new to this forum and i want response from you or from Mike (because u guys respond very quickly), that's why i posted in this topic. Thanks for sharing the related forum link. Kart.
  5. Hello. Can anyone assist me why my website (www.firstalberta.com) is taking too long time to load the first page/time ? Could anyone let me know how to tune, it is taking nearly 20 to 30 sec's and i need to load the page in 1 sec. -- Thanks in Advance, Kart.
  6. Hello Mike, Good Morning! I have surprised after seeing your screenshot of the products page, it looks great. I am not getting the Model no. on the products page and changed the model no. sort order in admin as 1,2, 3 etc.., but no use. (pls check www.firstalberta.com) Can you assist ? -- Thanks, Kart.
  7. Hello Sam, Thanks for looking into the issue. Sure i will wait for your update and i will also try to make it and meanwhile if you find something just remem to shoot me. -- Thanks, Kart.
  8. Hello Mike, Which setup file i have to rerun again and if i run the setup again do i lost any old settngs ? Please Advice. -- Thanks, Kart.
  9. Hello Mike, It was a very good suggestion and i taught the same about the flash music but the client needs the continous annoying sound. :lol: Thanks for visting to my first osCommerce site. Kart.
  10. Hello Mike, Very grateful for your quick responses. I have the below options in admin/configuration/product_listing Display Product Manufaturer Name 0 Display Product Model 3 Display Product Name 2 Display Product Price 4 Display Product Quantity 0 Display Product Weight 0 Display Buy Now column 5 Display Category/Manufacturer Filter (0=disable; 1=enable) 0 Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both) 1 Product Listing Style thumbnails Product Listing Short Description true Product Listing Manufacturers Description false Product Listing Image Width 100 Product Listing Box Width 180 Product Listing Box Height 150 Product Listing Price Size 0 Product Listing Per Row 3 Product Listing Buy Now / Details Button details Product Listing Headings true Please let me know if i need to re-reun the setup again means from which step i have to run in this contribution. -- Thanks, Kart.
  11. Hello Mike, Thanks for immediate response. I have checked it and not able to findout where it is in admin/configuration/Product Listing . Before installing this contribution i had this option like product listing max : 20 (or something like that) and now it was not there. Now i have option like "Location of Prev/Next Navigation Bar (1-top, 2-bottom, 3-both) : 1" and even this also not working and i changed 2 and 3 but no one is working in this. You can check the live site at www.firstalberta.com/index.php Please assist. -- Thanks, Kart.
  12. Hello Sam/Spooks, I am very much happy and i did resolved my previous posted issue as i cleared the cache in admin :lol: and now it works fine. I am very grateful for your contribution and really hats off for your work. Can you let me know do you have any contributions about products display list, i mean nearly 150 products for each catagory and the list is displaying in one page with a long list of pages. Is it anyway to display the thumbnail list of products for 30 per page and it continues to next next pages. Please assist. -- Thanks, Kart.
  13. Hello Sam, Thanks for this contribution and it really makes happy to my customer. After i followed your instructions in this contribution and installed successfully. I am able to see all the thumbnails and products in grid everything. The serious problem after it installed is when i am clicking my first catalogues name(DreamCatchers) in the left menu the page is redirecting to some http://daddyuniv.com/catalog/index.php/cPath/21 which is not my site website and all the catalogue names changed to that website catalogue names like The Daddy bag, The Daddy Mommy. You can check the problem which is in live site by clicking www.firstalberta.com/index.php Please assist me and respond immediately as if it is on live site. Thanks, Kart.