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  1. efissiaux

    Problems with Cresco

    The contribution is made for a ms2 version and you apply it with a creload version ou a ms2 with BTS. So, it is not a same thing. You have a syntax error because, you have //<!-- Dette utf?res bare hvis betalingsform er cresco //--> <?php You open a php zone but you already are in a php zone. You don't make a modification in the good file. Perhaps in catalog/templates/content/checkout_success.tpl.php
  2. efissiaux

    More_Pics_6 for 2.2 ms2 heLp

    To get the name of the database, you have to see it in the catalog/includes/configure.php. After, use phpmyadmin (or another tool) to execute SQL orders.
  3. efissiaux

    Cart not staying active.

    Perhaps, you have a problem with session. Are your sessions store in mysql ?
  4. efissiaux

    Quick Price Updates Error

    It is because your products have no manufacturers, the manufacturer_id in the products table is NULL. You can change the definition of the products table and put manufacturer_id NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'.
  5. Hello, I install this contribution. I want to mix specials with quantity break. For example, i want to have a special rate apply for all the levels of quantity. When i try to do this, i lost the quantity break and only the special is active. Who have an idea to solve this problem ? Thanks