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  1. Hi guys, having a slight problem with the installation of QTPro. I run/loaded the 2 files into my database with PhpMyAdmin which was sucessful, then i copied the QTpro catelog files onto my catelog store (via FTP). The problem is.. now in my Admin on the Categories/Products page.. it is blank with no products or categories showing. Does anyone know why this is?
  2. Hi, Regarding the On THe Fly Thumbnails... ive downlaoded the latest version and it says on Step 6: Find the file auto_thumbnailer_admin.sql and run it on your database.I'm assuming this is somehow done on PHPmyadmin to access the database files but im not familiar at all with phpmyadmin and not familarier with editing database files at all! If anyone could help me to understand what i have to do to ocomplete this step please let me know!! I was going to use the 1.5 version which i used before and it was much simplier but im not sure if it works with the latest osCommerce.