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    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi there, I am new to osCommerce, and I have just installed the PayPal IPN as per the instructions on the download, but when I tested it, I got the 'invalid process' email, and all it shows in the body of the email is just '$_post: <blank> and $_GET: <blank>'. I am not sure what's wrong, I have tried it for a while, but not getting anywhere, hopefully someone could help me and point me to the right direction. Here are some information for the software installed on the server: - using a shared ssl and cURL lib is installed on the server - oscommerce 2.2MS2 - PHP 5.16 - PAYPAL_IPN version - disabled 'auto-return' and 'IPN' in PayPal - no shipping calculation - disabled 'ENCRYPTED WEB PAYMENTS' I have copied all the files from the contribution to the right directory, including the 'ext' folder. osCommerce is installed in the 'domain name/oscommerce' folder. Thanks in advance.