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  1. Wonderful!! Just what i needed Thanks Sam
  2. jpcorti

    Enable/Disable categories contribution

    Hi everybody, i´ve installed this contribution and seems to work well. However, what i´m trying to do is to set some hidden products so i can provide my clients with the url and they do the checkout proccess as well. I mean, i want to have that products hidden for the rest of the site visitors, but when i disable the hidden products category, it disables the products too. Any ideas on this? Please help! Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english Juan P. Corti
  3. Hi everybody, i have an issue with my shipping fee calculation method. What i'm trying to do is to set a shipping fee based in product quantity. For example: From 1 to 10 t-shirts....$17 from 10 to 50 t-shirts....$20 Is there any way to do this?? Please i need help with this ASAP Thanks in advance Juan Pablo Corti