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  1. Hi there I hope someone can help, I have tried looking for the answer but cant seem to find definate. I am UK based store and I want to offer shipping worldwide using different options so I thought this module was perfect. Problem I am having, have installed and set-up the Shp:Zones in the Tax Zones area and adding what I thought were all the zones for the many different options I have to offer I cant seem to get more than one shipping option available for the customer to choose. On some zones I can't even get any shipping option available,I am not 100% sure that the geo zones have been set-up correctly as I have added new zones (bfpo delivery address is tax free at some locations and not at others). I didnt quite understand the GeoZone set-up in the instructions originally on how the UK and Europe Zones were installed so perhaps this is where I have gone wrong. Can anybody help? Thanks Liz :blink:
  2. thanks for the reply but i have double and triple checked this one, all the files have been updated and uploaded with the correct info, i am wandering if it is because the missing file it is looking for is called CUSTOMERS_EXPORT but the actual file uploaded is called CUSTOMER_EXPORT, could this be the case? I have tried entering directly into the address bar to see if it will pick up this way but it hasn't. thanks anyway
  3. Oopss sorry posted this as an answer rather than a question on last posting. Have done all the changes and have got the export showing up in the admin area fine but get the same file missing error in both IE and Firefox. I am sure it's a simple one but need little bit of help. HTTP 404 Error Did I forget to upload a file?? Thanks Liz :rolleyes:
  4. Hi I have loaded this and when I click the export button in both IE and Firefox it is giving me the same error,I am sure it is really simple to fix but not being a coder I dont want to mess it up I looked on my server and the file is there, can anyone suggest anything? Many thanks :rolleyes: