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  1. This mod can work with any type of payment process. No need to add more..... Suggestion*** Make sure your payment module works prior to installing Coupons mod...
  2. Make sure you followed the instructions perfectly. Recheck and make sure all the proper files are in your Admin/folder per instructions. If so, refresh your browser, could be a cache issue.
  3. Thanks for your time....Much appreciated.........
  4. Awesome Tracy..... Does it matter where this code is placed? I see that you mention the results will be near the bottom, so should this debug code also go towards the bottome or does it not matter? Thanks for taking the time to give advice on issues..... :thumbsup:
  5. Had same unexplained problem and ended up replacing checkou_process.php, checkout_confirmation.php and it came back. To this day, I have no clue why it happened but it appears that many are experiencing this issue. By the way, when I replaced the files with fresh, I also re-merged all my mods. Just thought I would put this reminder... Good luck
  6. ANother good way is to replace with a clean file and redo the mod(s) merge. Sometimes it's best to start with fresh then to get lost in the code. Just make sure to BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP Not just you data files but your database as well.... Ya just never know!
  7. That would be a great idea but this mod doesn't appear to be supported anymore. If you find someone to update this, would love to hear back.... This mod has some inconsistancies as well. It does not have a way to save the left over money to the customer if they do not use the entire gift amount. I have been told that it works good for discounts only.
  8. beanzy

    Free of Charge Payment and Coupons

    http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3342/page,15 Try this
  9. Hey Kev...What version did you update with?
  10. I believe this is an error on the coders part. Nowhere is there any files to these instructions and if you look at the kgt_howto.txt file with this contirb, you will not see any reference to Protx files as well. Appears to be some excluded mode that this person has/had and had an over-sight when crating instructions. Also appears to deal in the payment module which alread has inclusion of paypal with this contrib. To make a long story short, I would not wrry about these Protx files. Ignore the instructions pertaining to these. What are the errors exactly you are getting? Copy and paste and lets see if someone here can help also. Many time, the error itself is self explanatory. If memeory serves me corrctly, there were allot of incorrect coding with this such as a missing (, or } brackets, etc.
  11. Not sure exactly which mod you are reffering to. I have no clue about any Protx files in any instructions and do not see exactly where you state they are. Tell me the exact mod you are talking about and can try to help best I can. There are several mods that look and sound alike, maybe you have a different mod? Let me know and can look see what I can help with...k?
  12. HAHAHAHA Great.... Glad to hear you got it working. Yes, is strange but who cares so long as it works... Wish thy had good support on this mod, is very useful but it just has flaws and I am not a php proframmer.
  13. Had the same problem when I first installed and never found out why because of time, but solved it by taking fresh copy of catalog/checkout_confirmation.php and checkout_process.php and re-merged all of my contribs and WALAAaaaaaaaa displayed no problem. Sorry I cannot tell you why but this worked for me. Good luck
  14. This is per say, compatible but you have to make sure you merge correctly. Took me 2 tries and got it good. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6646 Good luck
  15. Need some more information. What visable line are you talking about? Do you mean the discount is not showing on the confirmation page? Be more specific for a response.... Too much guess work!