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  1. iyah

    Auto Detect Country

    Has anyone been able to locate or create a contribution for this? Thanks, Sophie
  2. iyah


    Thanks Jack I will uninstall then install again and if the problem persist then I will contact my host.
  3. iyah


    hi, i have been using this great contribution for about a month and all was working fine until today i noticed i can't delete the reference files. Screen goes blank after pressing the button. i changed my admin password and updated that a few days ago and it worked fine after. dont remember if this "catalog/admin/quarantine" was default but is in my exclude box? worse i see new files i dont think i added but may be apart of oscommerce? for example: Found a new file named admin/images/categories/tools.gif Found a new file named admin/images/ani_send_email.gif Found a new file named admin/images/cal_close_small.gif Found a new file named admin/images/cal_date_down.gif Found a new file named admin/images/cal_date_over.gif Found a new file named admin/images/cal_date_up.gif Found a new file named admin/images/cal_del_small.gif Found a new file named admin/images/graph_hbar_blue.gif Found a new file named admin/images/graph_hbar_red.gif Found a new file named admin/images/header_administration.gif Found a new file named admin/images/header_checkout.gif Found a new file named admin/images/header_support.gif Found a new file named admin/images/icon_arrow_right.gif Any ideas? note: i added admin/images to the exclude for a minute then removed it to test.
  4. Thanks Steve for such help again. The purpose of the babelfish contribution is to translate the entire site into a few different languages. Even when I disabled one page checkout I got the error. Could it be something else?
  5. The error message I get is acturally "HTTP request failed with error SSL certificate problem, verify that the CA cert is OK. Details: error:14090086:lib(20):func(144):reason(134) (60) for URL: https://secured.mysite...." My SSL cert works except for this situation.
  6. The above code is the only file added to mysite from the Babelfish Contribution. Does anyone know where I can change the direction of the page to skip checkout_shipping.php and go to checkout.php?
  7. I have the Babelfish Transulation installed prior to adding one page checkout. I noticed that if my site is not in english and a customer clicks on checkout they get this error "URL: https://secured.mysite/catalog/checkout_shi...sCsid=..."
  8. iyah

    Header Tags SEO

    I should be more specific about the other contributions. I installed Display Categories and Products & Category Descriptions made Simple successfully before I found and installed Header Tags SEO.
  9. iyah

    Header Tags SEO

    After installing this contribution the layout of my product page got shift to the right and it looks awful. Here is what it looks like. I had lightbox and ultimate images and a few other contributions installed which made changes to the product.php file prior to this install. Can anyone help?
  10. I have the DCC installed on my shop and was unable to get it working with One page checkout. This was discussed earlier in this thread but cant be bothered to search the thread for it. Basically, you need a coder. IT Webexperts quoted me $300 to have them work together. Sophia
  11. In you admin section click on configuration then look in that list for one page checkout. Click on that and then enable it by choosing true.
  12. Was anyone able to make the telephone number field a required field? If so how?
  13. I should explain. When I install the contribution the loader shows but the page doesn't load. It page remains on the loader.gif image and does nothing else.
  14. I installed 1.06 and after filling in customer name the page did not refresh. So I clicked on the update button at the bottom of the page then got the following error: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /...//d11/database/www/myfolder/catalog/includes/classes/onepage_checkout.php on line 644 This is line 644 from the file. $GLOBALS[$_SESSION['payment']]->pre_confirmation_check();
  15. I should explain. When I install the contribution the loader shows but the page doesn't load. It page remains on the loader.gif image and does nothing else.