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  1. When you click on Easy Populate under catalog, found on the admin page, in the box on the top left, to either run, execute or display the data or make easy populate perform, I receive these errors.
  2. Thanks, but that is not my problem. My error is: Premature end of script headers.
  3. Hello, Looking thru the past threads, this has not been mentioned but a few times, and none have applied to me. Thanks for any help. I have loaded EP as instructed. When I click to run I get the error message: Internal Server Error 500. The Error log shows: Premature end of script headers: /home/asham2/public_html/admin/easypopulate.php I have 5 test products in my database with the products_model field with data. The only change to my database is I changed the length to this field from 12 to 10, the length of my model #. I changed this after getting this error message earlier with the default of 12. I inserted the 2 new files under admin and cut/pasted into the catalog.php. I created a temp directory under catalog with 777 permissions. I have not changed anything other than the model field length. MYSQL 4.1.22 PHP 4.4.4 OSC 2.2 2a EP 2.76g ms2 Apache 1.3.37 (unix) Again, thanks for any direction or help. Malcolm