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  1. cosmicro

    PC Pro Creator

    Hello Mike, forgive me for being late so much in answering, I could not have done anything up to today. Thank you very much for your help, I have add the changes and already it works on having changed the categories. The only thing that continues without doing anything is To rename the categories, to insert new or to erase them. Again thank you very much for your help. A greeting
  2. cosmicro

    PC Pro Creator

    Hello Mike, you are a machine!!! The categories already work, only a couple of things more. The category of assembly, to insert a new category, to rename or to erase(smear) does not do anything. That you believe that it happens? Thank you very much again Mike.
  3. cosmicro

    PC Pro Creator

    Hello Mike. The version of the builder that I have installed is 2.5.1, also I have tried the updates 2.5.3 and 2.5.4 with the same result. In local, I have installed Oscommerce 2.2 RC2 with the Apache 2.2.3, php 5.2.0 and MySql 5. In my web in the server, I have installed the same Oscommerce with Apache 2, php 5.2.6 and MySql 5. The register globals is in off in both. My web page is www.cosmicro.es if you want to begin to see it. It you sees to www.cosmicro.es/compbuild.php to see the builder, but in the administration I do not achieve that it works. Do you know some contribution that is incompatible with the builder? I have many contributions installed, though in the clean installation of oscommerce not have anything installed contribution. In addition I believes a new database. Thanks.
  4. cosmicro

    PC Pro Creator

    Hi Tencens, very thanks for your response. Install the contribution in a clean copy of oscommerce without modifying the original database and I have same problem. When I modify the fields in the Settings of Builder, after to create the tables of the database, if I change anything fields and update it does not guard anything change. Also I have tried it installing the contribution in my localhost and in my webpage, and the problem is the same. I have modified the fields manually of the database (combbuild_categories) and if I update any change in the builder it erases the information of the tables and puts the values to 0. Do I believe that the problem this one in the variables that contain the new values, which you believe? Does it design someone? Thank you very much again for your response and your attention.
  5. cosmicro

    PC Pro Creator

    English: Hello, I don't speak english very well, sorry. I'm Spanish. I have a problem with this contribution, when I have installed the contribution, in settings, I modify this settings and create it the tables, and appear my first category in the tree options, I update the options with my select categories, and not update it. Appear anotherone my first category, and neither update it my options from use builder, dependence or Assembly Fee. Anything ideas? Very thanks Español: Hola, tengo un problema con la contribución, una vez instalada la contribución, cuando voy a la configuración por primera vez, me dice que no existen las tablas, hasta ahí correcto. Modifico los valores de las opciones (si quiero que esté activo, las dependencias, etc...) y le digo que categoria es el procesador, la placa base, la memoria, actualizo y no me guarda los cambios. Siempre me muestra la primera categoria en todos los campos. A que puede ser debido? Muchas gracias de antemano.
  6. cosmicro

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Hi, Sorry, I don't speak english very well. I have two problems with the Ajax Attribute Manager's contribution. In Add/modify product I have this problem: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/36/d242189767/htdocs/cosmicro/admin/includes/languages/espanol/attributeManager.php:100) in /homepages/36/d242189767/htdocs/cosmicro/admin/attributeManager/attributeManager.php on line 71 Then, When I update the product, I have this problem: Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/36/d242189767/htdocs/cosmicro/admin/attributeManager/languages/espanol/attributeManager.php:100) in /homepages/36/d242189767/htdocs/cosmicro/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 20 In the AttributeManager.php I have this: // output a response header header('Content-type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1'); //line 71 //header('Content-type: text/html; charset='.CHARSET); And in the file general.php I have this: function tep_redirect($url) { global $logger; header('Location: ' . $url); //line 20 if (STORE_PAGE_PARSE_TIME == 'true') { if (!is_object($logger)) $logger = new logger; $logger->timer_stop(); } exit; I have installed Ajax Attribute Manager and the contribution Separate Price For Customers. Something Helpme please? Thanks
  7. cosmicro

    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Hello!, I have this error: Warning: mysql_numrows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in D:\OSCOMMERCE\tienda\includes\classes\shopping_cart.php on line 329 Fatal error: Call to a member function calculate_price() on a non-object in D:\OSCOMMERCE\tienda\includes\classes\shopping_cart.php on line 292 Some solution? Thanks