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  1. manciuria

    Xml Feed Ectractor for Octoprice.co.uk

    Just to inform you that the signup for the shops is now online: www.octoprice.co.uk/merchant_listing.jsp (not href, copy and paste on your browser!) I'll register my client shops, at least... :)
  2. manciuria

    Xml Feed Ectractor for Octoprice.co.uk

    I don't know if supports Zen-Cart but you can easily try, install it. If there is any modification that you believe could be done, please do it...isn't Open Source made for this purpose? Thanks...
  3. manciuria

    Xml Feed Ectractor for Octoprice.co.uk

    We found few shop that have installed our plugin and submitted the feed. There is any other shop that would like to test it?
  4. manciuria

    Xml Feed Ectractor for Octoprice.co.uk

    Indeed :), it has ten pages because it's online for just a week. We are a team of developers so I can't say that is mine! The add shop page is ready but it will be published in the coming days, we would like to test the add with some feeds from OsCommerce website. So there is any shop? ;)
  5. Hi guys, I have been working on the development of a contribution that extract the data in an Xml format that is compatible with the Octoprice.co.uk format. The contribution and the website are currently at the first built so I would like if someone could help me testing this add on with his shop and I will try to index the output on Octoprice.co.uk At this moment I would like to test with UK based shops. Once you have installed the addon (edit it with your info), I would ask you to send me the link where I can download the Xml to test the indexing. Any suggestion on the addon and the website are more than welcome! Thank you! xml_octoprice.php
  6. Hi Guys, I am looking for to use easypopulate but I would like to export my file in Xml and not in CSV. I would like to use Xml for more flexibility. Somebody know if it possible or if there is an add on for easypopulate? I case there is nothing I may start working on it, but I would need some help so if somebody is interested please let me know... Thanks!