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  1. Hi, I just installed FWRmedia 's contribution : Ultimate Seo Urls 2.1d STABLE FINAL r172 I've got a weird issue with this. When a customer browse on the website, I only can see in the whos_online the main categorie on which he is. For example (For a 3 levels Categorie): http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-one-c-1.html'>http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-one-c-1.html -> in whos_online I see it well http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-two-c-1-2.html'>http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-two-c-1-2.html -> in whos_online I see it well http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-three-c-1-2-3.html'>http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-three-c-1-2-3.html -> in whos_online I only see http://www.myTestShop/catalog/ For example (For a 2 levels Categorie): http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-one-c-4.html -> in whos_online I see it well http://www.myTestShop/catalog/categorie-two-c-4-5.html -> in whos_online I only see http://www.myTestShop/catalog/ If I turn off the contribution, the problem remains the same but it did not before installing the contribution. Someone already had this kind of problem but the solution seems hazardous : www.webmasterworld.com/php/3672303.htm I checked the file catalog/includes/functions/whos_online.php to see if the probleme was here. I thought it was a problem of insertion in the database. The last page url is recorded with tep_db_input($wo_last_page_url). the function tep_db_input only apply the addslashes functions, so I thaught the probleme was in the var $wo_last_page_url. I echo this var : Every path are good. But the weirdest thing is that echoing $wo_last_page_url resolve the problem, and the whos_online works great. When I comment the echo, the problem reappear :blink: //echo ($wo_last_page_url); This issue makes me crazy so if someone has an idea, thanks for his help!