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  1. halpo

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Made the install as directed (I think) and "installed" the paypal_IPN from the admin payment module screen. Note this is for a download only product. All seems to go well through making the payment. When returning to the site I go to the sign in screen as a new customer, and no where am I offered an opportunity to do the actual download. The transaction is not noted in my account which I cannot access until I have signed in again but is recorded in the orders. Not sure what I missed or is missing, but this obviously is not right. Where can I go from here?
  2. Went through your excellent instructions and encountered what may be a problem. When I ran the db setup script from my browser I received what looks like an error message. Specifically: "1146 - Table 'logos_oscommerce2.products_attributes_download_groups' doesn't exist select * from products_attributes_download_groups where download_group_id=0 and language_id='1' [TEP STOP] Not versed enough in sql or php to know if this is what I should get or whether something happened that shouldn't have. Also under Configuration > Download I am only seeing the original 4 settings which would seem to mean the database setup didn't happen to include what I think are the new settings unique to Super Download Shop. Is there some corrective changes I can make?
  3. halpo

    Customers extra fields

    Did think about it, but because of my novice status, I was hoping my comments would trigger the moderator or contribution prime author to do the update. My groping approach, though it worked for me, may not be the best answer. I am flattered you would suggest it. Thanks.
  4. Could anyone guide me to a contribution or suggested procedure to allow customers downloading a file other than ZIP? I would like a MP3 downloadable for example.
  5. halpo

    Customers extra fields

    A really great addition and something definitely needed in the basic package ASAP. The installation was not flawless, but working great now. Recognize I am a relative Linux newbee so view my comments from that perspective. 1. The job killer in items 5 and 7 was the including of <br><br> at the end of both statement additions. The script would not run on my machine with Firefox v3.01. Deleted them and all worked as expected and desired. Found suggestions in a number of the comments indicating these carriage returns should be deleted, but didn't get the idea the script just wouldn't run if they were there. I thought the including was a final report format thing. The rest of these were points of confusion probably a function of my lack of experience on this type a thing rather than as indicating a problem. Clarification might be indicated however: 2. In item 3 where the file addition should be made wasn't clear to me. It appeared the files should be under /admin/includes/language/as indicated though /admin/includes/language/english/ seemed more logical. I put it in both places reasoning an extra couldn't hurt, but not available where needed would be a show stopper. 3. In item 9 the specified folder noted as /function/ didn't exist but /functions/ did. That worked. 4. In item 10, 13 and 15 the statements to be added seemed to require: <tr> <td>Statement</td> <tr> to be consistent in format with the code in that area. Added it and worked OK. Can't say it wouldn't have worked without the added format element additions, but working now and I go with if it works leave it alone. All admittedly minor things, but this update is so valuable and so close to perfect as presented, I though some nit picking was in order. All that said, just an awesome job guys. Thanks. Hal