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  1. My problem was finaly solved with staffelpreise contribuition. Thank you all.
  2. Thanks for the help but you guys didn't understod my question. My public page is already showing the prices with vat inclued, but my admin page request the prices wihout the VAT this means that if I have a product that I like to sell att 43.75? with vat inclued i have to price it withou vat in admin and it gives: 43,75?/1.19 (19% is my VAT)= 36.76 , but if I put 36.76 in admin side it is equal to 36.76*19%= 43.74? in the public side. So what i need is to know how if it is possible insert the prices in admin side with vat inclued to avoid this 0,01 differences.
  3. My question was "Please tell me how can i introduce my goods with VAT incued (my vat is 19%)" not how can I show the prices in store with VAT, my difficulty is inserting prices with VAT and in store with VAT becouse this way the prices will not look good (ex. 30.01 USD) when my price is 30.00. Basicly I need to insert the price with taxes inclued.
  4. Hi please help me to change from text to picture the listing heading like categories or so. I've already made some changing but I want to insert pictures in all boxes. My url is www.loja.techpt.com Thanks!
  5. Please tell me how can i introduce my goods with VAT incued (my vat is 19%) thanks a lot.