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  1. I am using a template for my osCommerce site... And tried using this module: Direct Payment & Express Checkout Developed and maintained by: Brian Burton (dynamoeffects) For starters I am getting this error.. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_paypal_wpp_ep_button() in /home/newstar1/public_html/osc/shopping_cart.php on line 211 on my shopping cart page.. Any help would be great! Is this a good payment module to use?? Thanks
  2. Your right Lindsay - I and most people I know base the "trust" of a web site on its looks and feel of the site. We probably shouldn't but its the way it goes.. I am definitly still thinking Pay - Pal would be a good option. For the $30 a month thats everything right? Do they just - wire the money to your regular bank account? Thanks..
  3. Some customers won't mind a redirect to another site for payment. But I want to offer a "custom shopping cart & payment solution" to my clients and I think the redirect makes it look ?? Not custom = like anyone could do it. Thanks.
  4. I will have to check into that Costco merchant services?? I have never even been to the store but, I have heard a lot of good things about it! Thanks!
  5. I am a web designer -- new at osCommerce and looking for a good place to find free or affordable templates? I found templatemonster has some really nice looking templates for $150 or so. Is that the normal price? Any ideas would be great! thanks..
  6. Thanks for all the info Lindsay.. I am thinking unless I find something else I will use the Pay Pal services.. It will depend on the customer if they are willing to pay the $30 per month for that service.. Like you said for someone just getting started it might be a good alternative.. The "web dogs" is just a marketing thing for us.. My store is basically just for testing - I want to sell ecom services to my clients.. Thanks!!
  7. I checked the PayPal payment pro its says $30 per month - I guess thats not too bad? It does say the customers do not need to leave your site! Was it pretty easy to integrate with osCommerce? --- Thanks Lindsay I checked out the pet site.. I have some pets on my page as well.. we are the "web dogs"
  8. I am new at osCommerce and am trying to get my first store up and running.. What is the best way to set up payment with osCommerce? Any ideas on what services work best with the osCommerce framework coding etc.. I don't want my customers to be redirected from my site for payment.. Thanks for any help!