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  1. I am looking for an add-on that allows me to suggest a couple of other items that may go with the item the customer is either looking at or maybe I can have these items show up when they look at their shopping cart. I've looked at some of the X-Sell/Cross Sell add-ons and none that I saw have URLs or screenshots to see examples and I don't want to install it just to see it. Any good recommendations for a good Cross Sell add-on? Does it allow the items to be viewed around the shopping cart too?
  2. joeyjgarcia

    Free Shipping Solution?

    Customers are never happy, you give them free shipping then they want to get upgraded shipping, is there a solution for this already where they can pay for the upgraded shipping? Thanks for the help. Joey
  3. joeyjgarcia

    PayPal Not Completing Orders in osC Cart

    I added in the recommend contribution this weekend but I'm not sure if it was put in correctly. I copied over my information from the old one, but there isn't a whole to copy over from the old version, basically just the email address. The new one asks for "certificate" information, etc... Does this need to be added? The reason I ask is because I got an order with this new PayPal IPN module and the osC cart shows the order in the "Preparing [iPN]" state but there is no payment in PayPal. I set it up to have two unique states before the order is complete. Can someone please help me?
  4. I am surprised to find that FedEx isn't one of the standard shipping modules, but now I have a need to add this in and I was wondering which one works the best for shipping things like clothing, not big freight. Looking for something mature and proven. Thanks! Joey
  5. joeyjgarcia

    PayPal Not Completing Orders in osC Cart

    We have been getting emails from a few customers saying that they placed an order but haven't received their products yet. We double-checked our osC cart and we could see they they created an account and the products are in their basket and PayPal shows we received money from this customer but the order was not completed, i.e., did not make it to the Checkout Success page. On another site sometimes I get two duplicate PayPal orders when a customer checks out. Does anyone else ever have this problem? Is there another PayPal module out there that doesn't do this?
  6. joeyjgarcia

    How do Zones help?

    I have my zone set to the state that my products are being sent from, is there anything else that I need to do for Zones? I'm not sure if this is necessary, it was just a guess. Do Zones serve any benefit?
  7. joeyjgarcia

    Shipping Address Being Sent As Billing Address

    I fixed it. The problem was in their odcbp20.php module. Around line 351 you’ll find this variable: $process_button_string. Where it populates that variable after line 351 is says “customer” when it should say “billing”. For example: Here’s a snippet of their code that doesn’t work properly. tep_draw_hidden_field('NAME', $order->customer['firstname'] . ' ' . $order-> customer ['lastname']) . I changed it to this which now works properly. tep_draw_hidden_field('NAME', $order->billing['firstname'] . ' ' . $order->billing['lastname']) .
  8. joeyjgarcia

    Shipping Address Being Sent As Billing Address

    It is for BluePay, but they said the problem is with osC.
  9. We've been getting a lot of declines and a customer gave us a hint to the problem and we did some tests and it seems the we are sending the shipping address instead of the billing address and this is causing the AVS to decline the order. Has anyone else had this problems? If so, is there a fix out there for this? I haven't tweaked the cart code, so I wonder if it does this by default? We were not using the AVS for years then after some fraud attempts we turned it on and now this problem has surfaced.
  10. I don't have Chemo's Ultimate SEO URLs contribution installed and I don't have Use Search Engine Friendly URLs enabled (I think this didn't work) so would this work for me? Is this a good site map tool? Trying to find one that works good has been the bane of my existence. I am eager to find a good site map tool. What is required to use Search Engine Friendly URLs? I thought it was beta and then I heard that you needed to be on a dedicated host.
  11. joeyjgarcia

    Shipping Quotes?

    No one has answered me? I've seen on other Sites.
  12. I don't think my shipping quotes are using the zip that my products are being shipped out from, but rather my zip code for my company instead of my drop shipper. Anyone know how to check this and change it?
  13. joeyjgarcia

    Shipping Quotes?

    Is there a contribution that allows a customer to get a shipping quote or see the shipping cost in there cart before going through the checkout process?
  14. Last night I installed 11 Sep 2006 version and had nothing but errors, the same kind I've reading about (404s, query strings with many &), so I gave it one more chance using Chemo's Official v2.1d version and to my surprise everything is working perfectly now!!!! Someone added the "additional_install_files.txt" that just messes things up! Funny, the 2.1d version is so easy to install yet someone added another version that is supposed to make the installation easier. Sheesh, it could hardly be any easier. Don't waste your time with the other versions, always stick with Chemo's. I am a software developer and I contributed some contributions and I was amazed how easy and clean this installation was considering all that it does.! Cheers to you Chemo, you definitely know your stuff! [this was not a paid advertisement :-)]
  15. Someone said to just ignore this email from the USPS because osC doesn't use those APIs. Is this true? If so, is there any links/posts that discuss this? Thanks.