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    vampirehunter reacted to BrockleyJohn in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    @vampirehunter I recommend that you try to get the mysqli extension enabled for your installation. mysql is deprecated even on php 5.6 and not available on php7. It's possible that there are bits of code that don't work properly on this old extension.
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    vampirehunter reacted to BrockleyJohn in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    On shared hosting, it's usually implicit in your choice of php version. You'll likely need the host's help to get the right php.ini file set up. First, use the Server Info option in admin/tools and search for mysqli. If you have a section with that heading, the extension is enabled and there's an issue with the code somewhere. If you don't have that section, speak to your webhosts and if you need more help from us on here, start a separate thread because in that case it's not an SEO Urls issue
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    vampirehunter reacted to raiwa in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    Yes, it's exact what it is doing.
    Yes, sort order feature is included. You just need to switch it on in the config class. Have a look on the screenshots in the add-on package, the arrows in the extreme right column of the options and attributes, allow to move them up and down to control the sort order.
    Yes, it's the same, just updated like stated.
    Just try it, installation is a five minute job.
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from clustersolutions in PayPal App v5.000   
    i checked
    mine has no update button
    it just has button linking to the addon area
    would i need to manually add this addon myself?
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    vampirehunter reacted to Harald Ponce de Leon in PayPal App v5.000   
    It's a one click procedure. The App checks once every 24 hours if an update is available and displays a notice. A check is always performed on the Help/Info page.
    The update procedure makes sure the file and directory permissions are sufficient for all files being updated before the files are overwritten.
    Feel free to try on a backup beforehand.
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from auzStar in [Addon] New Equal Height Module for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    Excellent Module.
    Many Thanks
    I always noticed the list view in mobile was not showing properly, and this has fixed it.
    Now the text, and buttons fit perfectly especially on narrow screens.
    Absolutely brilliant.
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    vampirehunter reacted to auzStar in [Addon] New Equal Height Module for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    Support thread for the "New Equal Height Module for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap" add-on.
    (Header Tag Module)
    Report problems here.
    Feedback and comments appreciated.
    Download link:
    This add-on corrects grid and list resizing issues when switching between grid view and list view, and when resizing window. It's compatible with the latest BS EDGE version which has recently had jQuery updated to version 3.1.0.   Use this new add-on to replace the current "Equal Height Divs (jQuery)" header tag module.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Demo: https://www.auzcommerce.com.au/osc234bs_test_sec/products_new.php   cheers
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from auzStar in [Addon] Category New Products Carousel for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    Excellent modules, many thanks.
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    vampirehunter reacted to auzStar in [Addon] Category New Products Carousel for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    New version (v1.4) has been added to the add-on:
    Contains 3 versions of the module: A standalone version, and 2 versions if you have the more recent versions of osCommerce BS EDGE that now include modular index and modular category pages.  
    Fix issue where content inside carousels was out of alignment after recent update to jQuery to version 3.1.0 in latest osCommerce BS EDGE. (slight modification to carousels scripts required) Removed existing version number implementation and now using osCommerce built-in version number implementation designed for modules. Some minor code modifications to conform to osCommerce coding standards. Module checks to see if the "Index Nested - Product Listing" module is installed (this combines new products in the current category and all it's subcategories to show in the carousel). Added option to show and "x" to allow the New Products Carousel to be closed (except on front page).  
    New Products Carousel demos can be seen here:
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    vampirehunter reacted to auzStar in [Addon] Category Popular Products Carousel for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    Support thread for the "Category Popular Products Carousel for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap" add-on.
    Report problems here.
    Feedback and comments appreciated.
    Download link:
    osCommerce versions 2.3.4 bootstrap
    Can be used with the "Modular Category Page" add-on http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9448 or as a stand alone add-on.
    This add-on adds a carousel/sliding "Popular Products" module to the category pages and can be added to the front page.
    Ability to highlight hot selling items.
    This add-on relies on jQuery Owl Carousel v1.3.3 for carousel sliding effects.
    More information can be found here "http://owlgraphic.com/owlcarousel/".
    jQuery Owl Carousel is included with this package and is installed separately as a heater_tag module.
    jQuery Owl Carousel handles responsive carousels a lot better than Bootstrap carousel version.
    It automatically adjusts the number of items inside the carousel according to the viewport size.

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    vampirehunter reacted to burt in Paypal App (OSC 2.3.4)   
    :thumbsup:  Setup is fairly simple.
    Assuing Paypal Standard which is the most solid of all:
    At Paypal:
    Signature API setup at Paypal, this gives 3 pieces of data if I recall correctly.
    At Shop -> Main Paypal Settings:
    Insert these 3 pieces of Data
    You can now test this by doing a "balance request" from admin.
    At Paypal:
    Auto Return, set to ON & the Return URL set to https://yourshop.com/etc/etc/checkout_success.php
    At Paypal:
    PDT set to ON, this gives a PDT token
    At Shop -> Standard Module
    Insert the PDT Token
    Done.  Should not take more than a few minutes, hardest is trying to find the correct page in Paypal to set up Signature API and PDT etc.
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    vampirehunter reacted to raiwa in Product listing   
    There are 3 ways to prevent the thumbs to be used:
    in your carousel module:
    - change in all places the "tep_image" function to "tep_image_legacy"
    - Remove at least one image size value (width or height)
    - hardcode the image calls with html: “img src=”….
    the first is of course the easiest and cleanest.
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    vampirehunter reacted to Jack_mcs in Header Tags SEO   
    @@vampirehunter You can't use two meta tag sections of code at the same time, regardless of if they are installed as addons or not, since they will use the some of the same code on the shop side. You will need to use one or the other and make the changes as needed.
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    vampirehunter reacted to piernas in Order editor - to AJAX or not AJAX...   
    Fine, I think most people will be using that version but I want to check it.
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    vampirehunter reacted to piernas in [Addon] Content modules improved admin page   
    Hola Tito, it's great you found it of good use.
    I don't have a samle right now, but for example let's take the cm_footer_account.php.
    You'll find this line under function install ():
          tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) values ('Enable Account Footer Module', 'MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_ACCOUNT_STATUS', 'True', 'Do you want to enable the Account content module?', '6', '1', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'), ', now())"); MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_ACCOUNT_STATUS is, in this case, the configuration key that stores the status of the module.
    So if we want the module to expose methods for enabling/disabling it you have to add these two functions in the class:
        function enable() {             tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " set configuration_value = 'True' where configuration_key = 'MODULE_THIS_MODULE_STATUS'");             $this->enabled = (MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_ACCOUNT_STATUS == 'True');                  }     function disable() {             tep_db_query("update " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " set configuration_value = 'False' where configuration_key = 'MODULE_THIS_MODULE_STATUS'");             $this->enabled = (MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_ACCOUNT_STATUS == 'True');     }
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    vampirehunter reacted to Jack_mcs in Paypal App (OSC 2.3.4)   
    @@vampirehunter There are file changes to be made so just uploading won't be enough. Also, you have to be watchful of which files are uploaded since it varies with the version of your shop. The instructions covers everything you will need to do.
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    vampirehunter reacted to Jack_mcs in Paypal App (OSC 2.3.4)   
    @@vampirehunter I'm confused about which module you are using. This thread is for the paypal app but from what you said, it doesn't sound like you are using a paypal module from the app. If that is the case, then that could explain the missing emails since that is a problem with non-app paypal modules.
    If you are using the paypal standard module from the app, be sure you have added the pdt key (see documentation).
    For the comment marked with an x, customers are not supposed to see those. That is just to let the shop owner know that payment was received.
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    vampirehunter reacted to raiwa in Product listing   
    Hello @@marcello, @@vampirehunter, @@Mort-lemur, @@greasemonkey and others,
    I found a way to apply watermarks to the big product images used in the color box pop up on the product info page.
    I also added the alt and title tag for the big images with the product name plus pi image number.
    Here the modifications if you wish to give it a try before I upload the update:
    In product_info.php lines 125+126 and lines 137+140 are changed.
    In includes/modules/kiss_iomage_thumbnailes/classes/Image_Helper.php lines 78-84 are changed.
    It is modified to force thumbnail generation even if the required image size is equal to the original image size if watermark is set bigger than zero.
    Please see attached files.
    Let me know what you think.
    Thank you and kindest regards
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    vampirehunter reacted to raiwa in Optional Related Products, Version 4.0   
    Demo store with optional related products is online now:
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    vampirehunter reacted to ArtcoInc in Purchase without account for 2.3.4 and BS2334   
    I have used both products. Both work very well, and I have received fantastic support from both developers.
    In my last conversation with Matt (the developer of Better Checkout), he said that he had not finished updating Better Checkout for osC 234, specifically the Content Modules (account and login). He may have finished updating it since then, though.
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    vampirehunter reacted to Dr. Rolex in jQuery/Ajax Fast checkout/Login/Create account/Shopping Cart/Bootstrap MATC 2.3.3   
    I think he fixed it with the patch I posted a couple of posts above this one, because it seems to work now.
    I selected United States and wrote Alabama in the field and it refreshed fine, this address was the one returned:
    Alan Smith
    Test 1
    City, AL 400 00
    United States
    Use the first package that I uploaded, then download the second one and overwrite the old file with the one included.
    After that, you may need to apply the patches that I have posted here, but check if you have any errors first before you modify the code.
    When I'm done with the Guest checkout modification, I will make a new complete package with all the patches applied.
    The Guest checkout mod is working now, the customer can skip the account creation if he/she wants and just enter the customer details that the store owner requires.
    Since it's being only session based, no database modifications will be required more then perhaps adding an option to the admin where the store owner can enable/disable the feature.
    There is still some code cleanup, bug fixes (probably) and security fixes that needs to be added/examined, so it will still take some time until it's completed.
    There's also the problem that the code I'm working with now have both this Add-On and the jQuery/Ajax Shopping Cart 2.3.3 installed. I'm not sure how much hassle it will be to separate the two again, probably not that much but we'll see I guess...
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from lachitmonstar in jQuery/Ajax Fast checkout/Login/Create account/Shopping Cart/Bootstrap MATC 2.3.3   
    yes, i just tried your website and you are correct.
    if you select USA as your country,
    there is no automatic reload of the "state" field, so you have to type it in by hand.
    But then when you click continue, it reloads the page, except now the state field has all the states in dropdown option and that error "Please select a state from the States pull down menu." always shows and wont let you continue.
    seems like a big bug.
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from videod in ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media   
    is this plugin fully working and is it the best SEO search friendly url plugin available?
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from roobear in Adding Image to Log Out page   
    where abouts do you want to put your image, above the main text or after it?
    First, open your logoff.php file in your main directory,
    and where it says this

    <div class="contentContainer"> <div class="contentText"> <?php echo TEXT_MAIN; ?> </div>
    You can add in your image inside the div like ive done below. Just change the image name and alternate text to your own images and it will show up. As long as your image is in the default "images" folder, it will work.

    <div class="contentContainer"> <div class="contentText"> <?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'yourimagename.jpg', 'Alt Text For Image');?> <?php echo TEXT_MAIN; ?> </div>
    So above, you will see your image before the main text.
    If you want it after it, just move your image to after the <?php echo TEXT_MAIN; ?> tag.
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    vampirehunter got a reaction from Guest in Adding Image to Log Out page   
    Thats easy. I'll just explain the tep_image function so you can use it again easily.
    Basically, so you can do this anytime you need a custom specific image on a page,
    the tep_image function has 5 parameters which you can use.

    function tep_image($src, $alt = '', $width = '', $height = '', $parameters = '')
    1) $src refers to the location of your image.
    2) $alt refers the alternate text which shows if your image for some reason won't display on the page.
    3) $width to image width (if you want to specify it, but i would just make sure my image is the correct size already rather than declare it in html)
    4) $height of the image (again, i would just make my image size exact so i don't need to declare it)
    5) $parameters - this is the bit where you can add your custom text which will show as part of the <img> code. So this is where we put in the class name so that we can call it from our css stylesheet.
    So for your example just do this:

    <?php echo tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'yourimagename.jpg', 'Alt Text For Image', ' ',' ', 'class="myclass"');?>
    and your html should look like this when its outputted.

    <img class="myclass" title="Alt Text For Image" alt="Alt Text For Image" src="images/yourimagename.jpg">
    So basically, you are putting your
    1.) Image location = DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'yourimagename.jpg'
    2.) Your image alt text = 'Alt Text For Image'
    3.) Image width we can leave blank = ' '
    4.) Image height we can leave blank = ' '
    5.) We add our custom text such as a css class = ' class="myclass" '
    Now you can open up your stylesheet.css file
    and at the end just put in this (whatever name you are giving your css class):

    .myclass { align:center; }
    You could add other stuff for your image class like padding, margins etc as you wanted.
    let me know if you have any trouble.