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  1. i ran the script and got this on my hosting PHP version: 5.4.45 curl version: 7.36.0 SSL version: OpenSSL/1.0.1e SSL version number: 0 OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER: 1000105f TLS test (default): TLS 1.2 TLS test (TLS_v1): TLS 1.2 TLS test (TLS_v1_2): TLS 1.2
  2. i have the paypal app installed on a edge/BS oscommerce im using paypal standard in the app I have configured my API using my paypal API username details and have a pdt token set. I dont have any information in the private key, public certificate or openssl fields in configure on the app. ive been able to accept payments. do i need to do anything in regards to this announcement?
  3. whats the pros and cons of this addon vs the Ultimate SEO Urls for bootstrap version of oscommerce?
  4. hi sorry if this sounds stupid, but if im using the Paypal App with my paypal api credentials. on the settings for paypal standard which im using ive set the PDT token but do i still require a public certificate, private key and openssl also?
  5. are these better suited to the Bootstrap versions than Gadlols SEO friendly url addon?
  6. Hi Does this plugin help to sort out the attributes easier than the default oscommerce? As in, you can sort attributes easily? and is it same as this one where you can add attributes when adding a new product for easier setup? thanks
  7. hi does encrypted payments have to be selected? i have set up api correctly but wondering if Encrypted payments should be selected to true?
  8. hi i checked mine has no update button it just has button linking to the addon area would i need to manually add this addon myself?
  9. can anyone advise. my paypal v4.039 i have currently can i just install the latest version of 5.010 drag and drop?
  10. hi. my paypal app is currently 4.039 do i just install the latest version ontop of the existing one? or do i need to install each update first?
  11. is it fairly easy to update the existing app to this newest version?
  12. I think best way if you have no other module alongside it on the same line. Its to add a variable that will add alignment to the module. In bootstrap the pull-right or pull-left is what aligns. <div class="col-sm-4 pull-right"> ill see if i can edit the code to add this variable at the moment the code is just specifying the column width of the module so we just need to add an extra variable for setting the alignment I think. <div class="col-sm-<?php echo $content_width; ?>">
  13. good question, i didn't really look at it when i did it, but I think maybe just doing it in the div tag in the html template of the module? or it maybe be a case of adding a variable to the code for alignment. in the admin you can select the content width from 1 to 12. in mine ive set the shop logo, then search bar, then the cart total bar modules seperately in one line, so each is set to content width 4, so i haven't needed to set an alignment. I just use the Sort order to put each one i want first before the other. If you have just the cart total bar and nothing else on the same line, then I think you should be able to do it with CSS. can someone verify?