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  1. It's a very good idea, I just wish it would work. Unfortunately now it will take ages for me to put up my site because of this thing not working.
  2. exactly it's not doing that, it's not working, I took it down.
  3. Ok I thought that I could just create a HTML code and css file, and add the codings like this "$urlcartlogo" where I wanted those things to appear, or be linked but when I added this "$urlcartlogo" to the image map in my HTML code, when I click on the link afterwards, it says the page is not there. Plus I wanted a normal search box but it comes out all big n ugly Click here to see what i'm talking about Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong? Thanks
  4. If you are a webdesigner, can't you make yourself one instead of paying for one? Would be alot better, you could get it like you really want it and it wouldn't cost a penny. Just my two cents.
  5. Ok I think I know how this STS works, but I have one question. About the Css file I will use to modify my HTML code with, do I use the main one in the "catalog" folder, or I create a new one and add it to the STS_template folder? Thanks.