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    FedEx - Web Services v9

    I am hoping someone has worked out how to get insurance added to the shipping qoute with this module. I'm not very clear on how to modify XML code. FedEx responded to my request for help (below), but so far I have not been able to find out how to implement this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Response Via Email (Christian Moran) 12/04/2015 12:30 PM You can add insurance to shipments by passing another portion in your transactions. <InsuredValue> <Currency>USD</Currency> <Amount>100.00</Amount> </InsuredValue> for example. You can find more information in the developer guide at https://www.fedex.com/us/developer/WebHelp/ws/2015/html/webServicesLandingPage.html
  2. I just fixed this problem with the UPSXML shipping module by removing the Shopping Cart box from column_right.php while using the cart. Not yet sure what the cause is! I don't need to display the box anyway since you are already in the Shopping Cart.
  3. I installed the UPSXML_v1_3_5 contribution (Online Merchant v 2.2 RC1) and it works as expected until you get to the Order Confirmation page where the shipping costs show, but the product price is $0 and the address format value is also missing. I notice that the sessions table carries those values until you get to the Delivery Information page, then they are mysteriously gone! All other values appear to be intact. I'm not sure how these values get into the sessions table or why they are being lost. Does anyone know how this works? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks for your time!
  4. Dee Long

    PayPal IPN Module v2.2 Rc1 will not enter the Sandbox!

    There were 2 problems, I was using CND instead of CAD for the currency tag, and my site is inside an iFrame. By redirecting to a page not within the iFrame I have it working. Thanks to Satish for the offer to help but I decided to figure it out myself with the help of PayPal support. It did not take long to solve. Hard to believe something so minor is such a problem. Why wouldn't PayPal accept either CND or CAD as Canadian currency, and make life easier? And why should an iFrame pose a problem? Dee Long
  5. I've set up my PayPal Sandbox account with a business internal account and a buyer account, I can successfully use html buttons to make a test purchase. All accounts are verified. I've installed the built in PayPal IPN Module in v2.2 of osCommerce using the settings everyone seems to be using, encryption is turned off. I login to the PayPal developer site, then to the Sandbox business seller account as per instructions. When I make a test purchase I get to the sandbox site, but it shows the standard login screen (within Sandbox), not the screen for the buyer to login! I've tried everything, PayPal support just told me to use html buttons!! I've been at this for a week now, please help. If someone wants to make a few bucks by setting this up for me, please let me know. You can email me at: webmaster@savedbytechnology.com Below are the Payal IPN module settings I'm using. Thanks very much, any help is very much appreciated:-) Dee Long ~~~~~~~~~ Enable PayPal IPN Module True E-Mail Address info@savedbytechnology.com Payment Zone --none-- Set Preparing Order Status Preparing [PayPal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status default Gateway Server Sandbox Transaction Type Aggregate Page Style Debug E-Mail Address webmaster@savedbytechnology.com Sort order of display. 1 Enable Encrypted Web Payments False
  6. Dee Long

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I have downloaded the module: PayPal_IPN_v2.3.4.5 from http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2679 When I try to unzip it I am asked for a password! Anyone know the password? Thanks!