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  1. I crossed out what I originally replied. You could move the Password field up to right after the Email Address field, or you could move the email address field, down to right before the Password field. What's happening is that the browser sees a Password field, and automatically assumes that the preceding field must be username. You can prevent this by adding hidden dummy field between those two. Something like <input type="text" name="hiddendummyfield" style="display:none"> should do the trick. That way, Chrome will auto-populate that hidden field instead. Your password field will still likely be auto-filled, but you will have to edit that field anyway. At least this way you're not putting Customer A's phone number in Customer B's account accidentally.
  2. I've been building some new interfaces on my shop, and have realized that I would like to use mysqli_fetch_all, so I added it into my database.php. It might be a useful function to have in osC. Just a proposal. function tep_db_fetch_all($db_query) { return mysqli_fetch_all($db_query, MYSQLI_ASSOC); }
  3. Another month without a reply. So is 2.4 canceled?
  4. It's frustrating that I haven't gotten any replies in a week, but had over 100 views. I'd still very much like to contribute to the project, but I'm not sure what to take from this.
  5. Just as a notice, I got this email today. Haven't had a chance to see what they're changing. Web Tools Customer; January 26 USPS Web Tools Update: USPS Web Tools will be implementing changes and additional features to the U.S. Postal Service APIs listed below effective January 26, 2014 with testing available January 13th. Detailed release notes are available on the USPS Web Tools home page here. If you are a merchant using a 3rd party ecommerce or shipping software, please ensure that your IT professional is aware of the upcoming changes. The following APIs will be modified and/or enhanced beginning January 26: Domestic Label Retired APIs: DeliveryConfirmationPICV3 SignatureConfirmationPICV3 Rate API Updates: RateV3 API RateV4 API InternationalRateV2 API Domestic Label API Updates: ExpressMailLabel API HoldforPickupExpress Label API eVS Label API DeliveryConfirmation V2, V3, V4 APIs SignatureConfirmation V3, V4 APIs Priority Mail Open and Distribute API (OpenDistributePriorityV2) Priority Mail Hold for Pickup API (HoldForPickupPriority) First Class Mail Hold for Pickup API (HoldForPickupFirstClass) Merchandise Return Service API (MerchandiseReturnV2,V3, V4) International Label API Updates Priority Mail Express International Label API (ExpressMainIntl) Priority Mail International Label API (PriorityMailIntl) First Class Mail International Label API (FirstClassMailIntl) 2976 Custom Form API (CN22V2) Other API Updates: Track and Confirm APIs (Track, TrackV2) Address Verification API (GetAddress) You will find the January Release Notes under the Web Tools Announcements Section at here. Please Follow us on twitter at @USPSWebTools for updates or contact the Web Tools team directly at with any questions or concerns. Take care, Ben Burgess
  6. I've noticed that the long topic about the status and development of osCommerce 2.4 seems to have vanished, which is very disappointing. Is osCommerce 2.4 still planned as the next major release? If so, I would very much like to help build a roadmap with a list of the major overall goals of the release. Times could of course be left off, but any forkers our there would have clear cut idea of the goals and what the community wishes to accomplish with 2.4. So far, from the changes to the codebase and the work done in the 24 branch on the various forks, it seems these are the plans: Catalog - $OSCOM_Template - Reorganize code and overhaul Catalog to use new modular $OSCOM_Template system. - Mostly Complete Catalog - Bootstrap - Use Twitter's Bootstrap layout/css3/html5 gridlayout & design resources to modernize look of Catalog. - Mostly Complete with v. 2.3.0 (Depricated) Admin - $OSCOM_Template - Reorganize code and overhaul Admin to use new modular $OSCOM_Template system. - ? Admin - Bootstrap - Use Twitter's Bootstrap layout/css3/html5 gridlayout & design resources to modernize look of Catalog. - ? Admin & Catalog - Bootstrap Upgrade - Upgrade to Bootstrap 3.x (Currently v3.0.3 []) Admin & Catalog - Php Upgrade - Improve compatibility with php 5.5 (Current Stable PHP 5.5.7 []) The following are verbatim from a Feb 06, 2013 post by HPDL Backport v3.0 database class; use prepared statements; possibly InnoDB foreign keys and transactions by default (only support MySQLi); use cache Add more classes to clean up the codebase (eg, customers class) Fix checkout procedure so process code is not duplicated in payment modules Rename tep functions to osc and optimize each function in the process (to php53) Possibly move language definitions to ini files or to the database Please correct me if I'm wrong, and I will gladly update the above list. P.S. If this is redundant and there is already a roadmap / todo list, you can disregard the above, but please provide a link. I'm dying to try to help in some way.
  7. Understood Chris. Just pasting this here incase anyone else wants to modify their download of the contribution to use proper oscommerce functions. Figured I might save some people some time in the future. Also PHP 5.5 is a stable release...
  8. PROTIP: replace mysql_* and similar functions with tep_db_* This addon does not play nicely with the newest versions of MySQL / PHP Here's my server configuration: Database Host: localhost ( Server OS: Linux 3.8.4-x86_64-linode31 Database: MySQL 5.5.30-log Server Date: 2013-08-05 15:49:09 -0400 EDT Database Date: 2013-08-05 19:49:09 Server Up Time: 19:49:09 up 89 days, 4:11, 1 user, load average: 0.39, 0.41, 0.41 HTTP Server: nginx/1.4.1 PHP Version: 5.5.0-pl0-gentoo (Zend: 2.5.0-dev) (This is how I fixed an issue where the admin page was not populating the database.)
  9. I apologize for not having read the guidelines for this forum. I'm not sure where the best place to move this topic would be, and I don't know that I am able to move it. If a moderator could please relocate it, I would appreciate that. Also I apologize for double posting, I don't see an edit button anymore.
  10. I've been learning about NoSQL Databases that use object models instead of traditional table-based implementations and it seems like something that would be helpful on osCommerce installations with heavy traffic. I'm working on an online store with over 8k products, 20k orders, and 50k products sold. It seems like one of these databases like MongoDB would be able to combine a ton of tables, like one staring with Customers, Orders, etc, into customer based records. My question: Has anyone ever heard of any projects to get a NoSQL database to work with osC? //Additional questions My main purpose in looking toward a NoSQL database is to try to speed up my site. Or: Does anyone know of any tips/tricks to really increase the performance of an osCommerce 2.3.x site? Also: Is anyone familiar with any type of query profiler, perhaps similiar to the CodeIgniter one, that would let me see what all is being run to generate each page?
  11. Chris is right. But I'm SURE there are some talented designers/coders on here that would be willing to take it on freelance.