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    Group / Category Specials

    i'm seeing the birth of a new contribution??? :D whooo hooooooo emiliano
  2. emiliano

    NewsDesk v1.2 Relased!

    hey! if you put the news category box in your left column it only show the news categories!!! but.. this happen when i put my category (product) box in the right column... maybe this help to solve the problem... cheers emiliano
  3. emiliano

    NewsDesk v1.2 Relased!

    More ideas :idea: :idea: :idea: that's all... i'm just kidding.. i think that what i'd be great would be an integration with some user level login contribution... so as to give only access to the newsdesk write article page... and to use the manufacterers as to authors... ideas are coming to my mind... i'm just my mind's speaker..
  4. emiliano

    looking for a new feature

    i know there?s something that do the exact thing you are asking... just look for it in the forums... emiliano
  5. emiliano

    NewsDesk v1.2 Relased!

    the redeclare problem is you read it seems as a loop problem.. because it says that can?t declare a thing in somewhere(lets call it place A) because it?s declare in place A!! so somewhere in your code you are including o requireing a file in that same file.. my english is not good.. but try to understand what i?m trying to say... cheers emiliano
  6. Things to do: clean the languages files.. there MANY define that are use in product_info but not in newsdesk_info ... Use the OSC way of coding.. define are allways in capital letters.. ?cleaner admin interfase? it's posible to use more than one picture per article? emiliano
  7. i forgot to say that i download version 1.1 emiliano
  8. hello..despite of i have found many problems with this contrib, i'm ready to start helping to get a good contribution.. i think that feature is a MOST in any osc site.. the first of all problem is that the .zip file is really corrupted, many files as the language files are missing altough i download it many times.. - here is my first help to this proyect.. after geting the english language files i will translate them to spanish... also many images are missing.. another problem i found is that after installing the contribution my images appaers in real size.. no the one i specify at the admin section.. some could help me with this??? I think that after repairing the problems above the next steps are: more than a picture for article.. posibily to specify where the picture should appear.. (i think that a function could to that.. something like tep_function_picture_here, just dreaming.. ) thanks ps: don't think that i'm not working to solve this problems.. i'm specially focus on the image problem..
  9. i have that on default.php... why the hell this it's not working.. somebody else out there??? emiliano
  10. emiliano

    Donation During Checkout

    why not create a product call donate $xx to whatever_you_want i think it's the easiest way.. emiliano
  11. dear dream... how the hell did you make your featured.php file work?!?!!? it's not working in my computer.. i don't know why... emiliano
  12. arrrrrrrgh wait for version 2.1 emiliano
  13. emiliano

    help with the featured products box

    could i add the column thing to the new version? emiliano
  14. after many time i'm here again.. could you send me your code? so i could add it to the new version of the contribution (files are cleaner now...) cheers emiliano
  15. Thanks to Pete B. for noticing this bug! The prices shown on cieto Featured Products get all messed up when you have a special price for an product. It shows regular price with line through then special price along with the products price that is listed above. I will think how to solve it, but if someone knows how to fix it, just do it (i hope i don't have to pay anything to say that?) cheers emiliano
  16. thanks. i will launch a fixed version in the next days...
  17. emiliano

    [CONTRIBUTION] Latest News v1.0.0

    don?t worry, i just got tired of internet and the non ? thing... cheers emiliano
  18. emiliano

    [CONTRIBUTION] Latest News v1.0.0

    just for the record, my name is emiliano casta?o cheers emiliano
  19. emiliano

    featured products

    i will launch a version as you said, but i need time... emiliano
  20. Download it, try it and give me your impression! http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,702/type,3 Emiliano
  21. you should post your messages in the right forum.. this one is for contributions!!! :D :D cheers emiliano
  22. i never noticed that.. i'll release next version next friday/saturday... i will try to fix that bug... I think that it's easy to fix, just products_categories = some URL variable... at the moment i'm with final exams at the university so i live to study... sorry :wink: Emiliano
  23. Remember that this contribution allows you to insert a short description, so in order to have a more organized layout I use row instead of colums!!! Emiliano