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  1. emiliano

    manufacturer's logos

    i can't found it in the contributions section, why? contribute it!!! cheers emiliano
  2. Or searching the wiki or tip and tricks forums... there is a easy way to do it there! cheers emiliano
  3. emiliano

    All Products and Site Map

    use the tep_link function!!! cheers emiliano
  4. i have categories.php --> newsdesk.php done.. newsdesk_info.php --> almost done newsdesk_general.php --> some functions authors.php (to add authors name, then in newsdesk.php you choose the author.. or not) do you want the files? cheers emiliano
  5. template system??? mmm no!!! i will send you some files carsten.. did you change your email?? cheers emiliano
  6. yes.. it sends an email (i had sendmail set as false) sorry!
  7. hi.. i installed the contribution without problems.. i also manage some other boxes to work with the contrib.. but i have a really big problem, how can i setup the other users passwords?? i create groups, create users, in the db each user has a password (encrypted), but i can't figure out how to see it without the encryption... does this contribution send an email to the user? cheers emiliano pd: my english it's getting worse everysecond
  8. i already started to create ms2 newsdesk... i need it now, so i started now... carsten if you already have in your computer ms2 newsdesk, send it to me please! cheers emiliano
  9. i think osc needs to add newsdesk to the basic features... NOW..
  10. what about when people check the "Remove" checkbox? many customer don't know they need to update the page too... cheers emiliano
  11. contactme if you need help... this is one of the greatest osc contributions, but people jusst don't know it... cheers
  12. you know you can count with me.. cheers!
  13. i will released a new version soon...
  14. The contribution at the time choose a ramdom products from a list of featured products that you set... if you want to show only 1 featured product, each time you reload the site you will see a different product (if you have more than 1 featured product) an additional image.. i'll think about it.. maybe next version.. but thanks for the idea! cheers emiliano
  15. back... in the admin/categories.php file i search for every product_description and re copy it changing the name to product_shortdescription... about the words.. maybe the file it's not taking the number from the admin panel... watch at the configure.php file... i'm trying to release MS2 version... about enable - disable in categories php, the problem that i have at the moment is that i can't put the END DATE... i will work on that in the next version... cheers
  16. emiliano

    Bulk Upload of Products

    that's the one i was talking about... GREAT contribution
  17. emiliano

    Bulk Upload of Products

    there's a contribution... i can't remember the name.. look in the forums...
  18. download cieto featured products... there you have admin/categories.php modified to add a short description... cheers emiliano
  19. the aubrey killian files works great with ms1... (that's why i posted) cheers emiliano
  20. go where you donwload the files and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS you need to download the aubrey killian files... cheers emiliano
  21. emiliano

    Linkpoint wrapper

    you have to pay for a contribution?
  22. i look for product_description and add product_shortdescription easy
  23. emiliano

    Minimum Purchase

    post the fix in the contributions section
  24. look for loaded 5...
  25. emiliano

    Categories and subs

    maybe main categories will be a good way to start..