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  1. Anyone know how to enable automatic resizing of Lightbox images?
  2. Keep getting not found @ http://de3.oscommerce.com/contributions/Pr...%20Enhancements
  3. Download is not working from the Contributions page...
  4. BaselineAce

    Product Thumbnail Listing

    Doesn't work with On the Fly Thumbnailer, eh?
  5. BaselineAce

    Product Thumbnail Listing

    Is there a demo or screenshot?
  6. Has anyone figured out how to create the thumbnail as a percentage of the original image?
  7. It seems like there is a large demand for this type of module (lots of search results), but nothing has come across yet. :( This is something that any jewelry store desperately needs, as the price of every item changes based on an increment against the commodity price.