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  1. thanks very us for your help. Seems like a bit of a dumb question now, but i like simple solutions. cheers
  2. Hi, I have been using easy populate but hve been having trouble uploading images. I am unsure what path to quote in the catagory and product images fields. Could someone please advise me?
  3. m2000bug


    Yeah I have checked that, that doesn't seem to be the problem?!?
  4. m2000bug


    Hi there, this is the error i get at the top of the page in the admin/configaration/textmaster Warning: mkdir(//nas41ent/domains/s/shortnsweet-partybags.com/user/htdocs/admin/backups_textmaster/includes) [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in \\nas41ent\domains\s\shortnsweet-partybags.com\user\htdocs\admin\includes\functions\textmaster.php on line 88 Failed to create the backup directory(s): //nas41ent/domains/s/shortnsweet-partybags.com/user/htdocs/includes/languages/english/testpage.php this happens when i hit update after making any changes
  5. m2000bug


    Hi there, I am having the same problem as you where with the line 88 error message. I don't seem to be as capable as you to figure out how to fix it, could you tell me what you needed to do please? Cheers Kev.