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  1. mckaylaleigh

    "Complete Reviews System"

    I am trying to figure this one out too! Anybody?
  2. mckaylaleigh

    Newby needs help please!

    Thanks for the reply...what about STS, seems to be a popular choice around here. I am a developer so I think I will do okay once I get a template, I just heard/read that working from the default osc template is kind of complicated. STS seems to be HTML and CSS based which would be awesome, but I also read some people say there is no way they would use STS, so that is why I am a little confused. I am not willing to pay for a template...as a developer, I can figure out what I need to figure out, but a (free) template that makes life easier would be great :P
  3. mckaylaleigh

    Newby needs help please!

    I posted this earlier but I didnt get any replies because I think I posted in the wrong forum. I am new to oscommerce and I am trying to figure out the template thing. From what I am understanding, osc does not come with any other template options. Is this correct and do most people stick with and modify the basic template or do most get a template from somewhere else and install it? If so, where is a good place to get one? Any other pointers on how to get started on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks. Kelly