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  1. Hi 

    Please let me know whether the below add on is compatible with OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.5


    Thank you very much for your assistance








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    2. mddel


      Hi Demitry,

      Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

      We give it a go




    3. mddel


      Hi Demitry

      I was unsuccessful in installing the module on OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.5

      I am hoping to upgrade to and will let you know

      Thank you once again







    4. Demitry


      ok Dinesh, thank you for following-up and letting me know.

  2. mddel

    Installing app-braintree-2_010

    Please let me know whether the Braintree app and or Braintree Version: 1.1 API Version: 1 [2.27.2] both work on Phoenix. Thank you
  3. mddel

    Product listing

    Thank you very much for all the information which I have used in the setting on the KissIt image to make the product listing images square in shape as per the screen shot. However I would like to make the images larger , so that there is less white space around the image. Please let me know how this could be achieved. Thank you once again.
  4. mddel

    Product listing

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I tried this fix but it did not work. I will try the KissIT setting as welll We have the KissIT image Thumbnailer Phoenix installed . I would appreciate if you could kindly let me know what setting need to be changed to display a square shaped image on the product list page
  5. mddel

    Product listing

    The issue that we had if one product is listed the single product stretches to cover the entire page has now been resolved thanks to the supporters codes. The images that we use on the site are square shaped as we use the same images for google product feeds and can not change same to a rectangle shape. This causes the square shaped images to look squashed on the product listing page as per the attached screenshot. Any assistance to resolve this issue would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. mddel

    Product listing

    Annual subscription has been paid and we wish the team all success with the project
  7. mddel

    Product listing

    Thank you for the prompt reply. I have paid and joined as a Phoenix Supporter
  8. mddel

    Product listing

    I am using V1.0.3.0 . If one product is listed the single product stretches to cover the entire page.Please let me know how I ensure that the product image and listing is not distorted irrespective of the number of products displayed on the product listing page Thank you for your assistance
  9. mddel

    Paypal Standard Not Emptying Basket

    Hi Harald My live shop is set with PDT disabled and the Language Encoding set to the stores encoding (UTF-8 by default). The customs successfully makes payment and received the two emails. However the order status shows "Preparing [PayPal Transaction]" when is should actually be showing "pending shipping" The payments were working find until I installed customer coupons and gift voucher contribution. Please let me know whether you could diagnose the issue. I will be happy to provide you with any information that you may require Thanking you in advance