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    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    I'm having the same issues. I was able to get the US feed to work fine but UK and DE throw bad header and attribute errors. I compared the php files and they are the same - so no clue why US works but UK and Germany do not. It would appear this contribution is no longer supported or updated which sucks - it's a much needed one. I tried disabling the various attributes UK and DE base complained about by setting option "0" in the advanced configuration section. This worked but then I started seeing errors about "too many tabs" in header...... The google base application for uploading feeds is also broken and no longer functions. I've decided to see if I can get the RSS feed contribution to work as a Google base feeder. Google base seems to support RSS and RSS 2.0 now, apparently.
  2. infotech

    Automatic Store Feeds Contribution

    I'm getting this same error on every feed I run. I've installed according to directins, created logins and FTP accounts / directories as required - run through the many updates and sql updates. Failing the ability to get this working is there a simple uninstall option somewhere?
  3. infotech

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    I have the module installed and working but I need to be able to do free shipping on some items, preferably by designating 0 weight. Is there a way to do this with non virtual items?