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  1. Bugs in osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update "060817" fields customers_default_address_id in customers table cant change, only add with 0 fields customers_id in address_book table can't change. only add with 0 Order number always report 0 Order Number: 0 I suggest to use osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 Update 051112 to use Ultimate SEO URLs, not Update "060817"
  2. yanayun

    Register Globals Support

    This patch dosnt work in my sites : Big problem is create new user, can't insert complete information such as address id with 0. Shipping modules cant display because that problem. i was try to edit manual and upload register global patch file, problem still in customer database addressbookid with id 0 any idea?
  3. hi, my frontpage links always display : -p-1.html -p-5.html and cagetory : -c-1.html -c-2.html and Search engine always cache that links too, not complete links such my-product-p-1.html. how to fix this problem.
  4. How display categories as tree. <Main 1 < Sub 11 < Sub 12 < Sub 13 <Main2 < Sub 21 < Sub 22 <Main3 < Sub 31 < Sub 32
  5. hi, I have SEO URL in my sites. 1. i have problem on first sites load, on category box display short html links http://www.example.com/-c-2.html on Best seller box display : http://www.example.com/-p-19.html after click on onother links, this category and bestseler box will normal http://www.example.com/natural-box-c-2.html http://www.example.com/nice-box-picture-p-19.html 2. how to configure manufature and product links this links always display : http://www.example.com/nice-box-picture-p-...ufacturers_id=4 wayan
  6. yanayun

    Outside US

    hi, i'm from outside US (indonesia) i'm confuse, what payments gateways i must use i don't have SSN, don't have us Bank account. i was try register on 2checkout, but reject by 2checkout because my product is cigarettes (they say drug) my sites http://www.indonesiacigarettes.com any idea?? please help me thanks way :'(