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  1. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Ive finishing installing it and it works beautifully, awesome contribution! thank you very much!! :)
  2. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Don't worry found it - not sure exactly how I missed it first time
  3. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Dear Ken Alright, I am starting over again with OS Commerce's latest v2.2 RC2 for a full facelift I have decided to install your contribution first as it looks excellent in the screenshots. However, duing installation I have gotten as far as STEP 2. I added the first 2 pieces of code fine but part 3 where it asks to find this code in includes/application_top: This code is not present in my includes/application_top. This is to be replaced by Is that piece of code essential for the contribution to work? Regards Brent
  4. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Dear Ken There is a includes/configure.php And an admin/includes/configure.php Also, does this look right to you? includes/application_top.php This may not have been caused by your contribution. I had to remove Chemos Ultimate SEO's and cDynamic metatags before installing Headertags for Novices Regards Brent
  5. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Ken In the URL addressbar is: and Thanks Brent
  6. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Dear Ken Thanks for your reply My website homepage URL is www.gameuniverse.co.nz When you click on a button the following message comes up I am really in over my head on this so any help is greatly appreciated. Another problem lies in the Catalog/Product Metatags and Catalog/Category Metatags. When I try open this section in admin panel the following message is given: Here are the first part of configuration.php file in admin folder: and here is the head section of my index.php if it helps: If you try to surf around my site you will get an idea of the problems I am having. I appreciate your help. Have a good day! Kind regards Brent
  7. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Hi there Ok I have got past the installation phase - I did that very carefully, however when I go to Admin/Catalog to view "Product Meta Tags or Category Meta Tags" section, I get the following error message: How do I fix this so can edit individual categories and products? Kind regards Brent
  8. gameuniverse

    Header Tags for novices

    Hi there I tried installing this contribution and ran into serious problems when halfway through second stage due to big differences between my index page and the page being quoted in the installation instructions. Should I just reset my index to a standard template to fix this or are there more than one index versions floating around? Regards Brent
  9. gameuniverse

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hi there I have recently installed cdynamic metatags 1.5.1 and has helped my URL titles heaps but still the following issues: 1. index.php at www.gameuniverse.co.nz/index outputs the following source code: <title>PC Games - Game Universe - STORE_METDEX - STORE_DESCRIPT</title> <META NAME="Description" Content="PC Games - Game Universe STORE_METDEX - STORE_DESCRIPT"> <META NAME="Keywords" Content="store_keyword,"> My configuration store name is "PC Games - Game Universe"but how do I get rid of "STORE_METDEX - STORE_DESCRIPT"? 2. For product_info.php at http://gameuniverse.co.nz/battlefield2thec...game-p-194.html outputs following source code: <title>Battlefield 2 - The Complete Collection (PC Game) van Electronic Arts - PC Games - Game Universe -</title> <META NAME="Description" Content="Battlefield 2 - The Complete Collection (PC Game) (Ages 16+) van Electronic Arts - Lock and load, soldier! Head out to the frontlines of the 21st century with the original Battlefield 2 plus the Battlefield 2 Special Forces..."> <META NAME="Keywords" Content="battlefield 2 - the complete collection (pc game), ages 16+, pc games, first person shooter, store_keyword"> Rather than I would prefer the title as follows: If you can help me tidy this up I will be your friend forever Kind regards Brent
  10. gameuniverse


    Thanks Jack Just checking. I guess once the google spider does its work to reindex all the new URLs it will make a big difference in the search engines Cheers Brent
  11. gameuniverse


    It that all I need to do or is there some settings I need to change?
  12. gameuniverse


    Try this one Make sure you replace existing contents .htacess file located in your root directory, not in a folder Remember to make a backup first in case things go pear-shaped!
  13. gameuniverse

    cDynamic Meta Tags v1.6 Installation

    Hi Sam Im not sure how to change the permissions to 777 If this is possible through cpanel, could you give me some steps? Any information will be enormous help Cheers Brent
  14. For STEP 4 - Set Permissions on Cache folder Using your favorite FTP program FTP in and set your permissions to 777 How do I change the permissions to 777?
  15. gameuniverse

    Installing Chemos Ultimate SEO's

    Version 2.1c I think it involves the //pub/htaccess Replacing: Options +FollowSymLinks - Index (not sure if this is correct) I added: