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  1. sugarsnow

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    I decided to try again with the file uploaded yesterday oscThumb 1.1.2 and that one scans clean :) thanks for uploading looking forward to giving this contrib a try
  2. sugarsnow

    [Contribution] oscThumb

    I was wanting to try out this contrib but spybot snd is saying the zip files have Eblaster threats for both downloads of version 1.1.1 and oscThumb 1.1 :( Anyone else getting this?
  3. Update I seem to have fixed that problem just to have 4 more various syntax and t-string errors with the same file :( this error pops up after you enter the code in check out. I'm using the default catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot_discount_coupon.php so I have no idea whats wrong.
  4. trying to install ver 3.3 full and getting nothing buy sytex error after sytex error :( now i'm getting this message this same file worked for ver 3.1 and I just dropped it in as instructed for 3.3 so whats wrong?
  5. is there any contribution that i might have missed that can handle doing something along the lines of buy ANY item in your store (or category) and get ANY other item in your store (or category) for free? of equal or lesser value if possible. I know this is a common sale for big brand stores but can't seem to find anything like it in the contributions :( I've tried the "get 1 free" contribution but it's limited to single items at a time which just wont work for a store wide sale.
  6. sugarsnow

    ipn, payments never have address added

    thanks for the help i took the advice and contacted paypal a few times to ask them but they claim it is a problem with my websites code the problem was paypal ipn seemed fine and all the settings in my paypal account were correct but when a customer checks out and enters the paypal page, they sign into their account to contuine with the payment, on this page they see the order details, items, shipping cost, total etc but there is no option for the customer to provide shipping address during the payment so when payment goes through no shipping address is on file with paypal meaning the seller is not covered by seller protection. I have solved this finally I read the code for a long time in: \catalog\includes\modules\payment\paypal_ipn.php now I'm a total noob at this stuff but I found one line that sounded funny, $parameters['no_shipping'] = '1'; I changed the above line to read $parameters['shipping'] = '1'; and so far I am seeing the shipping address appear during checkout like it should :D seems like problem solved! :blush:
  7. sugarsnow

    ipn, payments never have address added

    I'm having some problems with PayPal IPN, every time someone pays their address is not asked for on the paypal page :( so afterward I have to always input it myself when shipping and I'm not covered under seller protection. I did some test payments with a family members live account but i just can't seem to get paypal to ask customers for an address during payment, theres no comments for seller box also. I was able to get it to ask if they'll provide a phone number but thats it. what am i doing wrong? these are the settings I'm using, I've tried the whole encryption thing before but it never works so i use it with that off: PayPal IPN Enable PayPal IPN Module True Move tax to total amount False E-Mail Address mysite@mysite.com Transaction Currency Only USD Payment Zone --none-- Set Preparing Order Status Preparing [PayPal IPN] Set PayPal Acknowledged Order Status Payment received Gateway Server Live Transaction Type Per Item Page Style Debug E-Mail Address mysite@mysite.com Sort order of display. 0 Enable Encrypted Web Payments False Your Private Key http://www.mysite.com/ssl/certs/mysite.com.key.pem Your Public Certificate http://www.mysite.com/ssl/certs/public.pem PayPals Public Certificate http://www.mysite.com/ssl/certs/paypal_cert.pem Your PayPal Public Certificate ID Working Directory OpenSSL Location /usr/bin/openssl please any advice?
  8. sugarsnow

    Get 1 Free

    I just installed the newest version and I'm getting this error Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CASE in /home/***/public_html/includes/application_top.php on line 360 is there anything wrong with the below code? i'm clueless and my sites down so panic time xD