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  1. carranzafp

    Quantity Price Breaks

    I answer myself the very previous post: I edited the catalog/includes/classes/PriceFormatter.php to fix the layout of the getPriceStringShort() function. Mhh I realized the code was there but commented, does somebody knows why it was moved to "From $XXX" layout instead of showing range? I mean, I know in the very end everybody can choose how to show the price but I mean if it has more impact on the sales I could revert to the "From $XXX" layout. Any comment will be very appreciated.
  2. carranzafp

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi, Great contribution, I have installed the Price Break 1.3.4 and is working great, but I have a question/issue, on the category view its show only the lowest price, and what I would like to show is the price range, the following picture shows my question better. Is something that I miss on the install? or where to look? Please click on the image to show in proper resolution Thanks for your help