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  1. rhino18

    Simple SIM Question

    I am going to be setting up the SIM module on my site. And here is a Google application I want to use--it is just a few lines of code I need to embed in a file. The application requires that I embed the code on the same page the customer will see upon confirmation of payment completion. I am wondering if there is a file in my oscommerce catalog somewhere I can place this code or some other process or if this will be possible at all. Thank you!
  2. rhino18

    By Quantity

    Oh cool. Yea I have the products all loaded and everything is working ok...except the shipping. Which prices by weight when the store policy is by number of items ordered. For now you suppose I'll have to make all the products weight 1 to correspond to the number of items?
  3. rhino18

    By Quantity

    Anyone? Anyone?
  4. rhino18

    By Quantity

    Hello I am setting shipping rates by zone and am wondering if I can set up the rates by quantity ordered rather than the weight of the items ordered. How can I do this?
  5. rhino18

    Zone Rates

    Hey I did a modification I read to add the number of zones in the shipping module--it works just. But now I am wondering if there are any contributions or modifications I can do so that shipping is based on number of products ordered instead of by weight? For example, if a customer orders 1-5 products shipping costs $5, but for customers who order more than 5 shipping would be $0. Thank you!