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  1. OK, I've not really gone for any of the existing packages, but rather I'm using several iterations of the default ZONES shipping method. I've duplicated it a number of times and re-named each iterations as say FedEx or Signed For, and in combination these will give me all the shipping options and zones I need. I've made a couple of hacks to the Zone method, so if anyone wants these, just let me know. 1. The method does not display at all if it is not suitable for your delivery zone, or if their is no suitable weight class for your order 2. The method can display a different ICON image for each zone. In my case I use this to display different Logos for EUROPE and WORLD delivery I'm also going to hack the EU zone methods to apply VAT to the delivery on FedEx. Cheers CT
  2. Hi, I have an existing e-store that I am porting at the moment over to osCommerce. I have the basic shell of the new store in place, and I now want to get the shipping methods in place. My current store has a number of methods in use, and I would like to replicate these over into osc if at all possible. My store is UK based, but we ship worldwide. So. Ideally what I need is... * Royal Mail UK (Special Delivery) * Royal Mail Europe (Signed For) - only EU States * Royal Mail World (Signed For) - Rest of World * FedEx - Zone based A - F All of the above physical shipping methods are based on a table of weights, and in my FedEX implementation also vs Zones. My current store offers the customer only ever a choice of 2 options i.e. * Royal Mail Express Airmail (Signed For) * FedEx Next Day (FedEx..) And if they are in the UK, they are forced to use Special Delivery as its the fastest/cheapest option. In addition to all of this, I now want to offer downloadable sales also. So in the new system I guess most customers should be able to see 3 options i.e. * Download * Royal Mail Express Airmail (Signed For) * FedEx Next Day (FedEx..) I really want to push downloads as a delivery option of choice, so being able to offer all of these is key. Can anyone recommend two things... 1. I need to get a hold of and evaluate any existing modules that offer what I need, or near it in any way. 2. Any advice on what is needed to write my own custom shipping models i.e. what files are needed, what each does, how to install etc. At the end of the day, I'm probably going to use any existing shipping models as a basis and heavily customize them to my needs. But it would be good to start with some solid modules, and also have an idea of what coding my own ones involves. Any and all advice appreciated. Cheers Chris Thomas