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  1. I understand, but if you really read my posts you could see that my real problem was with the rows not with SQL, because I didnt get any errors anywhere so it wasnt as important. It's funny how easy it is to notice when someone is talking with there gut. Oh I will enjoy my new add-on ;) Thanks! Steven
  2. It's fine I found another add-on! Nope, no more unanswered questions! thanks for your time! Noticed! Thanks for your time Steven
  3. Bump I've searched and still noone has ever asked this question! How unlucky! Steven
  4. No one has the answer? I've looked everywhere! =..(
  5. Hello again, I dont have any errors, but I still cant figure out that above part. And I started to browse the first few pages to see if I can find an answer to this following question: How can I make a row of 3 items because I only want to feature 6 items in 2 rows of 3 and 3. If I set a 6 item only in the admin I get a row of 4 then 2. I saw someone in the begining asking my question but the other way around! haha! How to add 4 products in one row, and I also saw a person asking how can he make 1 product in 1 row and for it to go downwards, etc. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! :D
  6. I was browsing some new parts of this forum and I found it! Perfect! Thanks for the help!
  7. Ok, so I finished installing everything, no error messages anywhere, just that when I try to add something to Featured items they do not appear, I guess it's because of the above post I made.
  8. Hello! I'm looking threw this forum and I cant find that someone has asked a question about this I'm doing the SQL part and it says to Ive done SQLs before but what do I put in each field? Like in: Field: idx_products_id Type: what do I put here? Length/Values: if necesary etc... I'm sorry to ask such a question but I'm just missing it, and if I just put in idx_products_id and leave everything as default it gives me a popup message saying that "this is not a number" because I have VARCHAR selected in Type Thanks for your help! Steven
  9. Ok, I have question on how to use this add-on: I have a policy where if they have 120 points then can redeem 6$ and if they have 400 points they can redeem 20$ but how can I set it up where as if they had 400 points and they only wanted to spend 120 points? Also how can I only make them choose between 120 and 400? Is that even posible with this add on? thanks Steven
  10. I got it! When i check out, it appears the option now, what it was was the following: The Auto expire points and reminder HAVE to be in blank if you dont want to use them, I had them set to 0 duh!
  11. Ok I found a flaw, I thought I had it down, but it was too good to be true, heres a SS Even though under Configuration/Points/RewardsV2.00 in my admin panel I have the Enable customers to Redeem points at checkout? selected at True it still doesnt appear when I check out an item, any help?
  12. Ok, I just did it in works fine, but it was the very first thing i did! Made a new database Uploaded the Oscommerce RC2 Installed it Went straight to my phpadmin and follwed the SQL steps Then I went to the ADMIN part and made sure that under Modules I had the +install button was there! This is how I did it when I made it under And when I had trouble it was when I had other add ons installed already
  13. Yeap thats the one im talking about Ill download the +french cuz Im using another one Thanks for the tips! But you did mention: What do you mean by that? Thanks! Appreciate your help! :D
  14. You cant used the modifed files. I tried replacing the files that I have now, I cant access my admin page. I remade a database and before I installed the oscommerce RC2 I replaced the files then installed, I cant acccess admin nor catalog, I get error messages No good