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  1. Hello all you template gurus out there! :P I know the answer is somewhere in either this string or elsewhere in the forums (maybe not). I would like to adapt a very nice pre made template I've found to OSC (it is a full site template with flash). Can someone point me to the correct string to find out how I add the $values to the correct places in order to use my new template? Or is it a bit more complicated than that? I must confess that I already have many contributions loaded into my OSC, but STS is not one of them, so, it is not possible to do this on a clean install. (too much work to start all over again) :blink: I really don't know, but I really would like to know! So any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a million in advance, Tom B) Ain't Life Grand?!
  2. ashinco

    easy populate error

    Sorry, it's EOREOR, NOT error Oh, one other thing, instead clicking on "Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit" try "Create Complete tab-delimited .txt file in temp dir" , download it using your ftp program, and open THIS in Excel. This will give you all of the column names att he top without the data, and you can fill i the data where you need, and delete the columns you don't need. Just remember that EOREOR must be in the last column in EVERY row containing any data!!!!!!!!!!! That's EOREOR (not error, sorry) Also, v_products_model MUST be in the FIRST column!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tom B) Ain't Life Grand?!!!
  3. ashinco

    easy populate error

    The first thing you need to do is to go to easy populate, and click on "Download Complete tab-delimited .txt file to edit". Then open this txt file in Excel, and follow the column names exactly. In order! In fact, it is easier if you copy your data and then paste it in the appropriate columns in this downloaded txtr file. Make absolutely certain that the ERROR column is there! EP will not work without it. You don't have to use all of the columns, but you do need to match your data with the appropriate column names. Once you have completed the changes to the downloaded file, save it to your hard drive. Then ftp this newly updated txt file to your temp folder in catalog/temp folder (make sure this folder's chmoded to 777) Once you have uploaded this txt file to your temp folder, go back to EasyPopulate in your admin and type the folders name exactly as you saved it into "Import from Temp Dir (/temp/)" Also, make sure that in easypopulate.php you have set your Temp Directory path to: $tempdir = "/temp/"; $tempdir2 = "/temp/"; Now click "Insert into db", and see what happens. One thing you have to make sure of, is that all of your column data is whre it is supposed to be before you upload your txt file to your temp folder. And again, you must make absolutely certain that ERROR is at the end of EVERY row, including the row that contains your column names. If you have any more problems, please post them here, and we will try to help. Tom B) Ain't Life Grand?!!!
  4. ashinco

    Easy Populate..

    Can you show me the column name in your .TXT file? I don't need to see the data, just the column names. (This should be the very first row of your spreadsheet) I may be able to look at this and help you with your problem. I had the same, and have since been able to correct it, but it is not just a "here's the answer" sort of thing. Usually, the problem lies in the column names not matching up exactly as they should. Also, did you do and SQL to add all of your own additional columns to your database? You have to do this for EP to find the correct tables to add your data to. You can email me if you like at tom@campbundy.com, and I'll try to help. Tom B)
  5. ashinco

    images in easy populate

    I've been working very closely with EasyPopulate, and right now, there isn't a way to use absolute urls, as you would like, with EP. If you have a way to download the images, or copy them to a file on your computer, then upolad them to the images directory in your catalog, this is the best, and easiest way to do this. Then, you add just the image names, image.jpg, to the v_priducts_images column in your text file, and let EP do it's magic. It would take some serious coding to enable EP do do what it is that you are asking. B)
  6. In the STS instrucions, there is a tip on using the viewing the template with sylesheets. I don't understand what this is telling me to do. Could someone please explain it? "To view it will the stylesheets visible, go to your /catalog/ directory and type ln -s includes/sts_template.html sts_template.html" Where exactly am I supposed to type in the line, and is the line ln -s includes/sts_template.html sts_template.html or -s includes/sts_template.html sts_template.html Thanks, Tom :)
  7. ashinco

    Question about STS

    Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply, however :( I used Compare and Merge to change the proper files, uploaded everyting as per instructions, and still get this: Template page I'm baffled. :blink: Tom
  8. ashinco

    Question about STS

    Hi, They say that the only dumb questions are those never asked...So with that in mind, here goes. I'm just now getting it...In the Simple Template System, when I look at the sts_template.html and read the txt files, I'm totally confused on what to do with the fields. Are they supposed to show up as text if nothing is being called, or is sts_template.html designed in such a way as to only show you examples of where the fields can be placed? In other words, when I'm designing my templates, do I embed the $fields into the html, or simply "place" them using wysiwyg? I ask because when you open sts_template.html in a browser, you see the tables with the $fields, but nothing is being called. So you see, I'm totally confused, and don't know what to do. I need some serious guidence here. I've combed all of the forums, but to no avail. Help me, please. :blink: Thanks, Tom
  9. Has anyone created a contribution that will let you upload a whole bunch of extra product discriptions ( you know, little blurbs, extra features, etc.) without having to do it individually by hand in admin, or having it show up as an option (attribute) in one of those annoying little drop down boxes? And, have those little blurbs show up where you want them too? Thanks, :D Tom
  10. Current EP Version $curver = '2.61-MS2' or easypopulate.php,v 1.2 2003/09/24 Hi Tim, What is the absolute latest version of EP? Thanks, Tom :)
  11. ashinco

    HELP! EP field list error

    By match, I am assuming that you mean not only the names, but they must be in the same exact order? Also, can there be any fields in EP that are not in your .txt file? Thanks Matti, Tom
  12. ashinco

    easy populate error

    this is an old problem that has been fixed with the updated downloads. Make sure you are using a current, fixed version. I'm getting the same error, and this is with the most current version of OSC and Easypopulate that was available. I see referances to checking the mysql database to see if the field of the unknown colum is there. How do you get your spreadsheet datafields into your mysql database to begin with? I thought that EasyPopulate was supposed to do that for you? Thanks, Tom
  13. When I try to upload my data using EP, I get the following error: Easy Populate 2.71-MS2 - Default Language : English(1) Filename: data.txt 1054 - Unknown column 'p.products_description' in 'field list' I have gone through my easypopulate.php over and over, and the field is in there, everywhere it is supposed to be, and it is also in my spreadsheet, as v_products_discription I'm stumped :blink: Also, do the fields in the spreasheet have to be in the exact same order as in EP? And what happens if there are some fields in EP that are not in the spreadsheet? Thanks to anyone that can answer these three questions for me. Tom
  14. ashinco

    Manipulating the V fields in EP

    Trent, one last question, and I think the mud will clear out of my head :rolleyes: If I create my own fields, where do I put them? Do I add them to the same places that the instructions show to place the example? Thanks again, tom
  15. ashinco

    Manipulating the V fields in EP

    Ok, that link worked. I understand the instructions, but what I don't understand is, am I supposed to follow the instructions exactly, using only the fields as written in the instructions, or is that an example of how to add any fields I wish to create? Thanks a lot for all your help. Tom