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  1. NextLevelMotoring

    Package Tracking with Email Notification Mods

    Just finished installing the contribution and i'm getting the following error on the admin/orders.php page:
  2. NextLevelMotoring

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Great contribution - I've got it installed on my website that's about to go live - but had a question.... How could I go about limiting the menu to only display 1 level of submenus? I'd like the menu to display all main categories, and allow visitors to navigate only 1 level deep via the menu and then use category buttons from there. Thanks for your help!
  3. NextLevelMotoring

    Show/Hide Columns Infoboxes Support

    Can you give a little bit more info about where the code goes in index.php? I'm trying to have only column_left and eliminate the right column
  4. NextLevelMotoring

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I wanted to let people know that I figured out why I had my problem- even though the docs say that the 'tab delimited' method is the default, the latest package is set with a semi-colon as the default delimiter - look around line 80 to double check that the file you're trying to upload matches the setting for the delimiter or it will not work.
  5. NextLevelMotoring

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    I'm getting the same problem, even when trying to use the sample output file. File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/php7Mm5OT User filename: sample_output_file.txt Size: 80290 I'm pretty familiar with EP, and have used it on many sites in the past but I'm unable to get it to work with this new setup. Can it have something to do with Registered Globals?
  6. NextLevelMotoring

    FAQ System formatting

    I have been using the FAQ System contribution on my site for a while, but I'm wondering why the text is not the font/size defined in the CSS file? Any html text changes I make don't affect anything either. Anyone know how I can format the text in the body of the FAQ to the same size/font as the FAQ categories at the top, and everything else on the site? Linky to what I'm talkin about Thanks! :thumbsup:
  7. NextLevelMotoring

    Image gallery with pictures description v 1.1

    well for one thing the gallery references a meta.php that the contribution does not include. I just happened to have that file on my computer from a phpbb folder that I had, and made this gallery work. I managed to get the gallery working, you can see it here: http://nlmotoring.com/gallery.php I'm not really that happy with how the gallery looks, I'll probably keep looking & get rid of it in a couple of days but you're welcome to check it out. If you want to try it & use the meta.php file, PM me w/ your email address & I can email it to you. Ryan S. NLMotoring.com
  8. NextLevelMotoring

    Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons 5.10

    Thanks for the reply Strider - I have identified my version and it looks like I do have 5.10b. Percentage discounts aren't working for me though, any suggestions of which files might affect that, so I can re-edit a few files to troubleshoot rather than going through all 99?
  9. NextLevelMotoring

    Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons 5.10

    I've had CCGV installed on my site for a while now, but I just noticed that only $ off works, if I take a percentage off, the coupon simply doesn't work. Unfortunately I'm not sure what version of the contribution I have installed (how can I tell?) Does anyone know if this was a known problem that has an easy fix, instead of re-installing the newest version with 99 file changes? Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. NextLevelMotoring

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    Thanks Tim, that fix did the trick for me!
  11. NextLevelMotoring

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    popcorn - did you try clicking "other" to get to that screen where it breaks down what those customers are typing in?
  12. NextLevelMotoring

    How Did You Hear About Us - Support

    I'm having the same issue as Steel - i multiplies the number of others by the total nubmer of other responses posted, so with fifteen entries in other, a response of '1' would show '15', a response with 3 would show '45' etc.
  13. NextLevelMotoring

    Federal Express Real Time Quotes V2.0 Just Uploaded

    That's already been answered on page 5 of this thread.
  14. NextLevelMotoring

    Federal Express Real Time Quotes V2.0 Just Uploaded

    Yeah, I think the biggest difference it there's no minimum requirement, to keep the rates, so it's good for smaller shops that are trying to get started, & have competitive shipping rates, getting rates directly through FEDEX requires a shipping history, and a constant flow of packages.
  15. NextLevelMotoring

    Federal Express Real Time Quotes V2.0 Just Uploaded

    This is supposed to be confidential, but they will give 5% off 1-20, & 10% off 21lbs and up for home delivery. ground gets 10 off 1-5, 17 off 6-10, & 24 off 11-100. They also do 28-45 off express