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  1. Hello, please forgive my poor english (I'm french ;) ). I've been using two contributions : - this one generates google sitemaps -,2823 and this one adds url rewriting features I had a problem making Google validate the sitemap generated by the first contribution while using the second on a oscommerce installation: when I asked google to check the sitemap, there where a problem about redirections. When the Ultimate SEO URLs contribution is on, each url in the "old way" (eg. index.php?cPath=XX_YY) is redirected to the rewrited url. This redirection makes google crash when trying to validate a sitemap wich contains "old way"'s urls. So I mixed up those two contributions in order to generate a sitemap with the rewrited urls. Now.... I'm not sure where I have to publish this "new contribution" : as a new file in the first one ? in the second ? or in a new one ? Well, as the aim of this "mix" is to generate google sitemap, I posted it as a new file in the first contribution's page. is that ok ? sorry if I did wrong... Nicolas.