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  1. Daniel, Could you specify in which part of which code you added tat code? Since i already modified everything very much, i don't want to make mistakes. I want to try something similair, and i wonder where to put it exactly :) Thanks, Zlack
  2. zlack

    RMA Returns error for 2.2 MS2

    hello all, i did install this contribution as well, but i have just one minor problem: the customer does not see the status which is selected, and when i select the "complete this return" box and hit "update" there still is a rma number displayed at the customer side. any way to fix this? what if a produkt is damaged 2 times? (or did i just miss something :rolleyes: ) thanks for your help
  3. zlack

    Orderlist contrib

    Hello all, i wrote it, but why would you want to see what kind of shipping method it is ? if you tell me what you want i can try to make it :)
  4. zlack

    help index for your site ?

    this would be very nice to add. i would love to see this as a contribution.
  5. zlack

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics

    oops! the false in the code abose was nearly testing. it is actually true.
  6. zlack

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics

    i still can't get it to work. must be me though :( i have: catalog/images/cdrom.jpg catalog/images/thumbs/cdrom_pic1.jpg catalog/images/images_big/cdrom_big1.jpg define('IN_IMAGE_BIGIMAGES','images_big/'); //directory inside catalog/images where your big images are stored define('IN_IMAGE_THUMBS', 'thumbs/'); //directory inside catalog/images where you mopic thumbs are stored.. define('MAIN_THUMB_IN_SUBDIR', false); //if you store your main thumb in the above directory set this true. if its in the main image dir, set it false define('THUMBS_PER_ROW', '3'); define('MORE_PICS_EXT', '_pic'); // this is the name of the extra images ext define('BIG_PIC_EXT', '_big'); // this is if you name your big thumb like IMAGE_big.jpg, you would put '_big' here. otherwise leave it blank define('THUMB_IMAGE_TYPE', 'jpg'); //the extention for the extra thumbnail images (jpg, gif, bmp, png, etc...) define('BIG_IMAGE_TYPE', 'jpg'); //the extention for your big images (jpg, gif, bmp, png, etc...) am i missing the point or? thanks, zlack
  7. zlack

    Ordertracking infobox

    hmm i did img instead or url lol, ok here is the link : http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1229
  8. Hello all, I just made my first contribution, so be gently with me :D Its mearly a modification of the search infobox, but it might be handy :lol: Any comments appreciated You can download it here:
  9. zlack

    Search Functionality

    Finally! Thanks
  10. I still get the error "Article not found", but the computer is created and it is added to the shopping cart. Any idea about this? Thanks, zlack
  11. Hello, I installed the custom computer creator and everything seems to work fine. But there is one problem. When i configured a system and i want to add it to the cart, ,then i get the error Article not found. The system is not added into the database... I can't seem to solve his issue. Anyone had this problem also? Or knows the sollution? I only use the dutch language, don't know if that is a problem.... Thanks, zlack