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  1. With "CE Phoenix 1 0 2 0" my picture of the article is overpainted on the "product_info.php" page , i have no clue why. I tried in the section "/admin/modules_content.php" but it is still overpainted/overwritten somewhere! Any Ideas what I do wrong?
  2. Okay i did this for the buy page. How can I connect the page attias_ankauf.php to the information boxes?
  3. @Heatherbell Cool! Did it work also on Google Chrome on iPad and iPhone?
  4. Thank you all for your ideas, i am going to think about implementing my Homepage into Phoenix. Currently These are all html Pages, so Google crowle them and These are listed in the Google Search. How this function when the old pages are moved to php Pages. Are they found by Google Search as well and listed in Google Search? Any experience?
  5. @kgtee Thank you very much, works fine! I assume you had this done before I asked for it?
  6. Version 2.3.4 of OS Commerce shows new products in sequence of last entered products backwords. With Phoenix Version 1 0 2 5 the sequence is implemented in a different way, there is a choice of sorting by: Product Name Manufacturer or Price. The choice of sort order does not work on my installation., no clue way I have not touched the products_new.php  refers to. https://www.attias.ch/ishop/products_new.php/language/en/page/1 1. What do I wrong that the sort order can not be choosen (any settings)? 2. Is there any possibilities to change sequence to last added products (date added descending up to the earliest once)? Thanks for any ideas
  7. @BrockleyJohn I solved the issue: The Problem was a wrong setting in Product Listing Sort Option: Latest Added (0=disable; 1=enable) set to 1 Thank you anyway
  8. I have not changed the code of product_listing.php But I saw you are using an other version of phoenix than i do. You are using CE Phoenix. I am using OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.5.
  9. @kgtee, the Problem i have is that when supressing the categories with 0 articles, the content module (index) shows all categories, i might have to supress them as well, to be full of Integrity. How?
  10. @kgtee Thank you very much for your code, works fine.
  11. @BrockleyJohn user.css .list-group.list-group-flush { padding-left: 0.75em; } solved the Problem to indent the subcategories
  12. @BrockleyJohn Yes of course, do you have any idea?
  13. @ArtcoInc Yes, but I dont know how to… Can you explan me how?
  14. @kgtee I solved it, i had Problems editing the file $result .= $link_title . ' (' . tep_count_products_in_category($category_id, false) . ') </a>'; works fine.
  15. @kgtee Thank you very much kgtee for your answer and your help The first part works fine showing subcategories in the boxes (includes/modules/boxes/bm_catagories.php). Good Tip! What would be nice if the subcategories are indent 2 spaces or so. The second part unfortunally does not work even i corrected a Syntax error (missing ')! it seems Phoenix started looping. $result .= $link_title . ' (' . tep_count_products_in_category($category_id, false) . ') '</a>'; //added to include product counts Any ideas?
  16. so defacto without SSL, PHOENIX will not run properly with google chrome browsers !
  17. It was definitly the missing SSL Certificate and the TLS Connection, now it's installed and works fine on all browser… for me as an amateur this was a hard issue.
  18. I let install by the internet host Company a new SSL Certificate on my server, so this issue is resolved and all requests are newly rerouted to https:// ... It means that some browser such as google on iPhone and iPad requires an SSL Certificate and TLS Connection to show and run Phoenix correctly. Thank you for your idea, Maybe this should be mentioned in the installation guide!
  19. it seems that Safari on iPad cached old webdata. To delete these data i had to remove the reading list links as the Favorit items. then deleted all webdata on settings safari. This issue on PC i resolve with ccCleaner, but i dont know any tool doing this on apple products. Safari issue running now! 🙂
  20. Safari on iPad still not working properly 😞 must be other issues
  21. Google browser on iPad and iPhone runs properly on the inkognito modus. Maybe a security issue because i do not use SSL Connection up to day. Safari on iPad runs properly after setting off the option "Reading list - automatically save offline" to false Problem solved temporary.
  22. Philo2005

    Show PayPal fee in order total

    @milerwan Hi milerwan 1. Having Problems installing your PayPal fee v2 with OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.2.5 and PHP Version 7.1.1 and mysqlnd 5.0.12 SQL Syntax Error on Insert (last line) about your comment in the SQL statement, did change it to the following: tep_db_query("insert into " . TABLE_CONFIGURATION . " (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) values ('Ordre de tri', 'MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_PAYPAL_SORT_ORDER', '4', 'Ordre de tri', '6', '5', now())"); --> removed ( ) from comments !!! 2. This module works fine now with "PayPal Payments Standard" on my installation (Maybe you should mention this in your installation guide) but it did not work with "PayPal Express Checkout" before. For this I had to find "PDT Identity Token" on Swiss PayPal side after 2 Hours Research, i dont know anymore, where it was Thanks for writing it! I am going to charge the custumer in future if he pays with PayPal . In Switzerland this is allowed!
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    I just found out, that I function in a very old style .. Thanks for the hints. Yesterday: Copy and Paste (so do i function) Today: refer to somewhere else in the internet (:-))