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  1. Philo2005

    Upgrading to the latest version

    @burt Hi Burt! Will you make public the upgrade instruction in the regular forum from Phoenix v1.0.4.0 shop to v1.0.5.0 or will it be only stay in the Phoenix Club? Thanks for answering. Best regards
  2. Philo2005

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Yes you got me 😝 but all works fine 😎
  3. Philo2005

    Upgrading to the latest version

  4. Philo2005

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Hi everybody How can i update my Phoenix v1.0.4.0 shop to v1.0.5.0 ?
  5. Philo2005

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @Jack_mcs Thanks for the fast respond! 1 - okay i deleted the file manually, maybe this should be mentioned at the end of point 3) in the "readme.txt" file of the add on. 2 - okay thank you for adding it to you to do list, this seems important to me to be present on google in more than one language . Have a nice day 🙂
  6. Philo2005

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    @Jack_mcs Your add on works fine to me, thank you for developing it. I have some questions to the add on: 1. After first time installation, can i remove google_xml_sitemap_seo_install.php from the root directory or is it still required? 2. I have set up 2 languages in my shop, German (default) and English. a) Is this add on supporting multi lingual or just one language? b) if only one language is supported, how do I tell google by the "xml files" my English description links eq parameters ?language=de or ?language=en? The description of articles, categories and manufactures in my shop are different in german and english! Thanks for responding
  7. Everything fine, thank you Zahid, the add on is already installed in my live shop.
  8. So many other module in Phoenix uses $PHP_SELF and they all work fine, this show the acutal page Name e.q. "contact_us.php"! Thanks @raiwa
  9. @JcMagpie I sorted out the Problem and found it in your hook file JcMgoogleCaptcha.php. 1. Basically I added first the $PHP_SELF to the globals for each function: listen_injectFormVerify, listen_injectFormDisplay, listen_injectSiteEnd. 2. Your compare Statements are not correct! (in_array(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), $this->good_pages)) has been corrected to a proper comparison (in_array(basename($PHP_SELF), $this->good_pages)) 3. also I made code cleaning to view nice. Now i fixed the previous issue and all works fine, This new code solves the Problem how user enters the url: www.attias.ch/ishop/contact_us.php www.attias.ch/ishop/contact:_us.php/language/en www.attias.ch/ishop/contact_us.php?language=en All types of entering URLs now work! Feel free to see it on my live shop www.attias.ch and take over, if you like it. see attached file JcMgoogleCapatcha.php
  10. On OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.4.0 shops there is the option Use Search-Engine Safe URLs in admin section / Configuration / My Store. What is this option doing exactly? Is it recomanded to set to false or to true? The variable $PHP_SELF may not have the value what I expect (but Iam not shure), the Name of the page 'create_account.php' or 'create_account.php/langugage/en' or ' create_account.php/language/en/ceid=7e0482062e51eee6ea41fb0a9d94e1e4 ?
  11. While optimizing my Phoenix Shop with Google Search Console I found the Header Tag Product Schema JSON-LD which finally enables Products tab in Google Search Console. Once this script is enabled it shows in the header of the product_info.php code additional informations related to the product. Example: https://www.attias.ch/ishop/product_info.php?products_id=2152&language=en shows: {"@context":"https:\/\/schema.org","@type":"Product","name":"CH 1882 Ziffermuster weisses Pap. 53b (45) gestempelt Wyl SG","image":"https:\/\/www.attias.ch\/ishop\/images\/CH1882Ziffer53No1.jpg","url":"https:\/\/www.attias.ch\/ishop\/product_info.php?products_id=2152","description":"Switzerland 1882, Ziffermuster, weisses Papier, Kontrollzeichen Form A, 2 Rappen (SBK 53b, Michel 45), 2 Rp. hellolivbraun, sauber gestempelt WYL SG, 08.12.1882, farbfrisch und einwandfrei gez\u00e4hnt...","mpn":"CH1882-53No1","offers":{"@type":"Offer","priceCurrency":"CHF","price":"300.00","availability":"https:\/\/schema.org\/InStock","seller":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Philatelie Attias, CH-5620 Bremgarten AG"}},"manufacturer":{"@type":"Organization","name":"CH"}} Google Search Console sent me an E-Mail telling me the following warnings: Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 6 Products issues: Top Warnings Warnings are suggestions for improvement. Some warnings can affect your appearance on Search; some might be reclassified as errors in the future. The following warnings were found on your site: Missing field "url" Missing field "review" Missing field "aggregateRating" Missing field "brand" Missing field "sku" This will appear for all my products. Somebody found a solution for These issues or has any Idea how to get rid of them? There is also an additional header tag called Breadcrumb Schema JSON-LD, but no description for what it is?
  12. @JcMagpie Aha, I do not develop php programs yet… But i have installed a new test Environment and played a little bit with various settings in Phoenix. I found out that turning off the Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (set to false) in admin section / configuration menu / My Store solves the Problem above. Now the link shows like this and it will be recognized by the hook in JcMgoogleCapatcha.php properly. https://www.attias.ch/ishop/contact_us.php?language=de&ceid=b762592bb02c1d2ca8938c328b92e63f Maybe also this has an impact to google search which i will control this in the next future. Thanks for your answer and for your hook!
  13. @JcMagpie Thank you for creating this hook: In my installation it works as long as the link is as followed: https://www.attias.ch/ishop/contact_us.php But when the link comes with the ceid: https://www.attias.ch/ishop/contact_us.php/ceid/098b722e19620edff2b1bcecd03d55ed the recaptcha item will not be shown. I had to deactivate this hook by renaming the $good_page values in pages which dont exist. Maybe the hook JcMgoogleCapatcha.php does not find the page with the ceid in $good_page and needs to be substringed before. Any proposal?
  14. Thank you for your answer ecartz, I implemented the code <html dir="ltr" lang="en"> in the english.php and wait what it will create by google search console. Somebody other any idea?