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  1. i found the error in the code that has caused the underline error, there is a missing </u> in the \Drop On Top Files\product_info.php Before: <li><u><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_CAR_MODEL; ?></li> After: <li><u><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCTS_CAR_MODEL; ?></u></li> This is a good find as I originally thought my installation was not performed correctly when I saw this. Once you create the first product YMM data the display errors disappears. I would think the easiest solution would be to create some default data within the SQL database when creating the new products_ymm Table, but I do not know enough about SQL to say this would work. The only thing I want to change is to add a 4th drop down to use for submodel information, ie Make: Ford, Model: Focus, Year: 2010, Submodel: 2.0L. Has anyone added this to their install?
  2. silverkorn

    automotive templates?

    i have been looking around too and have not found anything, i think if someone spent the time to create a custom template they dont want to see 10 other sites with the exact same format.
  3. silverkorn

    Automotive filter function

    so is anyone willing to share their code or are they keeping this things to themselves?