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  1. USAMerchantAccounts.net

    Login ID

    No you need to login and get it from authorize.net you should also be able to get a transaction key in the same section.
  2. USAMerchantAccounts.net

    can't get authorize.net module to work

    Are you in the test mode by chance?
  3. USAMerchantAccounts.net

    Recurring Billing

    Authorize.net has a recurring billing module but it is a add on you must pay for. As fart as oscommerce, i have been messing around with it for what seems like centuries and i have not come across a recurring billing module for it. If that is absolutley required, i would suggest an alternative solution such as volusion or modernbill depending on the type of business it is being used for.
  4. USAMerchantAccounts.net

    Making sense of it all....

    Authorize.net will automatically inform the shopping cart if the payment was approved or declined. Also, you can log into authorize.net and the card holders information (name) will be viewable with the corresponding payment.
  5. USAMerchantAccounts.net

    blank response/null from authorize

    Has it worked in the past or are you setting up authorize.net for the first time? Are you in test mode?