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  1. Hi NG, i search for a add-on for this problem: I have one product, lets say a cabinet. But there are different options with the front plate. There are different wooden ones, glass and some colors. Is there any add-on? I have seen shops, where is one main picture. Under them is a little menue or icons of the colors/structures.... if you click on them, you can see the picture of the different front and also a description of the option. Like: Glass front. Is there anybody who can help? Thank´t TELLO
  2. Hi NG, i installed CCGV5.16 for two projects. And i have problem to send the voucher as email. I send a test voucher to only one email what i select from the pop down menue.... In one shop project it works perfect.... But in the other project it shows the right name and address in the preview - but if i click on send, it send the voucher to the wrong address or it takes more then one address...and send them vouchers... So i checkt the gv_mail.php of both projects, but they simular! Where can be the problem? THanks so mutch for help!!! TELLO
  3. TELLO

    [Contribution] MATC

    Hi folk, i use the con on rc2a... Im not sure...my shop was working well before. I guess the problem is this conribution... Now if a user select the payment stuff and than agre the conditions...the order is finisht without asking for creditcard datas or give information about money order (bank account)...also if paypal is used .... the paypal site dosn´t come on the end.... Have somebody the same problem? Or is the mistake a other thing in my system???? Thanks for some help TELLO
  4. Is there a problem with RC2a??? I get the errors: Basket: Fatal error: Call to undefined method: payment->checkout_initialization_method() in /xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/shopping_cart.php on line 214 Payment site: Fatal error: Call to undefined method: shoppingcart->count_contents_virtual() in /xxxxxxxxxxx/checkout_payment.php on line 96 Some ideas??
  5. Hi NG, i downloadet and installed the Version 5.19 yesterday to my RC2a. Now im a little confused.... 1. Must i also fix some bugs here in this version? Because i downloadet the version 5.19? If you say yes, witch fixes must i install? Because i get a error message if i going to admin Discount Coupons (I greate a new coupon): admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 117 2. question... I was reading the minstall and the short manual of the add on..... But sorry, i dont understand how to use the system. I see the admin Coupon menue, but this is only to greate some and send them to users... how can i create gift certifcates for the catalog? Create some and than i must make some attriputes or what? Sorry for my stupid questions.... But i will be happy for a little help! Greetings from Germany TELLO