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  1. Thanks FWR media, but I need to redirect customers and spiders too. This page is a duplicate of the pages without ?language=xxx, so I need to do a 301 redirect from any ?language=xxx to the same page without it. How I can do this?? Thanks for your help!
  2. Hello! In first instance thanks to FWR Media for this great contribution but users with some languages have some problems (I have it). In my case I have duplicate content because the url www.mysite.com/product-p-1.html and www.mysite.com/product-p-1.html?language=es are the same page. I would like to know how I can redirect pages with ?languages=es to original product (only remove ?language=es) and pages like as product-p-1-en.html?language=en redirect to product-p-1-en.html I think is very simple. I only want to remove the ?language=en and redirect to same page without it. Thanks an regards!!
  3. Hi friends, I need a little help. I have Ultimate seo installed but I have a problems with duplicate content: www.mysite.com/myproduct.html and www.mysite.com/myproduct.html?language=en are the same page. I eould like to know how I can do to remove ?language option from urls or redirect it to the original page. Thanks!!!