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  1. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    How do I receive a copy of e-mail notification sent to my customers? I have already specified my e-mail in "BCC: auction e-mail address" under Configuration\My Auction. Thanks! Peter
  2. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I still cannot figure out why any of the action 'save', 'update', 'delete' will not automatically refresh and put me back to previous osCommerce admin screen. Screen is just blank. I know the action is completed. Can someone help me look into why this is the case? Could this be a browser setting? It did not use to be this way. I'm really puzzled.
  3. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I fixed the shopping cart problem. My error. I redo the changes made to file /catalog/includes/modules/order_details.php - and that took care of the problem. However, my other problem persists. Any action like Save, Update will not cause the admin screen to refresh. This is affecting every admin action, for example, adding a new product will not take me back to product listing screen. This was not a problem prior to installing EAM. The most likely file affected may be split_page_results file located in /admin/includes/classes. I already have this file. My old copy of split_page_results has this $Id: split_page_results.php,v 1.2 2003/06/19 11:43:12 mdima Exp $ The new copy per EAM install package is $Id: auction_upload.php,v 1.0 2003/12/29 Auctionblox Exp $ Any idea here? I thought when copying files from folder "new files - (just copy)" - these are new files. I could have this file from other contribution. Thanks. Peter
  4. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    One other problem noted - After adding this contribution, "What's In My Cart?" - shopping cart is empty!! Even though the infobox - Shopping Box does list items (ebay sale + add'l purchase correctly). Peter
  5. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    Hi All, I finally got around to install eBay_Auction_Sales_Manager_1.2.sr2_ms1 for my osCommerce 2.2 ms1. I encountered couple issues that I need help with. 1. Have we decided that an existing product is a must to link to new ebay sale? I'm among those who post products on ebay that may not be my website. I am thinking about creating an item, called it 'Product on Ebay'..and link every sales that I manually entered to this product. Is this correct? Or is there already a feature implemented. I did not see a default product to map to in the drop down. 2. Problem with UI. When I modify options in Configuration/My Auction, I click on Update button. Then my osCommerce Admin screen turned 'blank'. Changes are saved. But I was expecting auto-refresh to take place after update. I can use the browser's Back button - follow by a refresh. But this is wrong. This has nothing to do with EAM - because auto-refresh is broken when I add a new product. Can anyone help with pointing me to possible php file to look? Thanks Anthony for this great contribution. Peter
  6. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    My mistake. MS2 was written all over the instructions. Yes, I'm still on MS1. I'll try this contribution again once I upgrade to MS2. Thanks.
  7. peterlin

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I just installed this contribution and I tried to follow the instruction. Because this is my first install of this contribution, I follow the steps in INSTALL_MS2 I ran into 3 problems when I Hand-code the changes in CHANGES_MS2.txt 1. I did not find the specific lines to change for /catalog/shopping_cart.php I'm using osCommerce 2.2-MS1, and the heading of my shopping_cart.php is $Id: shopping_cart.php,v 1.2 2003/06/19 11:43:15 mdima Exp $ 2. There is no filename called /catalog/includes/filename.php 3. There is no filename called /admin/includes/filenames.php So - what do I do now? There is no further instruction in the download. I found under Configuration - there is a new entry called "My Auction". But I'm not sure what to enter here.
  8. peterlin

    README viewer

    Hi all - I am missing something about downloading contributions. This is not the first time so I'm hoping others can help me. I just d/l featured_products_v1.3. There is a README file with no file extension. When I open it in notepad, all the lines wrapped together. This makes following the instruction - especially code difficult to do. I'm using Windows XP Pro - what am I doing wrong? Is the file meant to be opened by another viewer? Thanks in advance, Peter