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  1. DunWeb

    Free gifts

    @@Oza I have used this one in the past, but it isn't up to date so you would have to reconfigure it to function properly with the newer versions. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5352 Chris
  2. DunWeb

    integration question

    @@bucky_house osCommerce is a server side eCommerce solution. The software you are referring to is client side and quite honestly the information given in the link you provided is limited and 'basic'. In fact, there isn't enough information given to even consider that it could or couldn't be a tool used with osCommerce. Chris
  3. DunWeb

    File/Image Upload module

    @@james@stezzi.com You can try this one, depending on what version you are running. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8193 Chris
  4. DunWeb

    Shippin Modules not working

    @@naschell81 What's the error message or issue you are having ? Chris
  5. DunWeb

    canada post XML parsing error (GoDaddy)

    @@nobodyfamous ok, I thought the site was still on your MAMP server because of this " It works on my local MAMP fine.". But if it's already been live for 6 months, it could be another issue or perhaps the closed the required port by mistake. Chris
  6. @@petrim These two contributions are older but you may be able to recode them to suit your needs: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2214 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1255 Chris
  7. DunWeb

    canada post XML parsing error (GoDaddy)

    @@nobodyfamous I am not sure about current Godaddy server settings, BUT in the past a special request to open the port for Canada Post was required. It is NOT normally open on Godaddy servers. Chris
  8. So very glad that large project is complete. Although it was challenging and fun, it was very time consuming,

  9. @@kidd Sign up for USPS service on their website. Then, install the latest USPS contribution. Edit according to your needs. Chris
  10. DunWeb

    Temporary Failure, please Retry

    @@karoloydi Have you contacted World Pay for support ? Are your account credentials accurate in the payment module of your osCommerce store ? Are you working on a live server, or on a local host ? Chris
  11. DunWeb


    @@brudan I don't believe there has been an official new release since 2009. However, if you check the support thread, you will find some unofficial chatter about the conversion to be compatible with 2.3.x Chris
  12. DunWeb

    Merchant/Pro account needed?

    @@miniblob Yes, most would use the PayPal Express API option to received payments. Chris
  13. @@motoenvena YMM doesn't pre-load anything (except the box). It's a search query that only initiates when search criteria is entered. Chris
  14. @@devpower You want to TAX your shipping ? If so, just add the tax class to the shipping module. Chris
  15. DunWeb

    Orders not coming back from PayPal

    @@gcextreme The auto return URL should be something like www.yourdomain.com/checkout_process.php Chris