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  1. Hello there. I need some help with a little add I want to make in my Qtpro: show a message for the atributes in stock as showed in no stock ones "TEXT_NO_STOCK". My programing skill is quite limited so I need a little guide to find the piece of code to change. Thanks a lot.
  2. I have installed successfully QTPro 4.51a contribution, it works as expected, but I need to make a little modification for my purposes: add the text "IN STOCK" just after the product attributes that are in stock, as the ones out ot of stock have their own text. Thanks for your help.
  3. marioacero

    Multi images extra contribution

    Hi there. I've installed this contribution and It works ok for me, the only problem is that I need a diferent size for the first image still remain as a square of 80x80px and all the extra images size bigger. What I would like to know is how could I add other line in the admin images configuration to enter the diferents sizes I need, since I only have a tag for Small Image and other for Subcategory Image. Thanks a lot for this contribution and for further help you can give me about this issue :thumbsup: